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Concern over construction of proposed metropolis  Listenfacebook
The environmental group, WWF Hong Kong, says it is highly concerned about a proposal to reclaim land for constructing the East Lantau Metropolis. Samantha Lee from the group said there were worries that the project would cause damage to the environment. She also said questions are being raised if the 1,000-hectare island that is expected to house 700,000 people will able to withstand stronger typhoons which may form in future because of global warming. Lee said the housing problem in Hong Kong was a very complicated social issue and it was an exaggeration to suggest that reclamation could help solve it. She spoke to Jim Gould:
Meeting between Korean leaders significant: correspondent  Listenfacebook
The South Korean President says Pyongyang is prepared to close its missile launch facility at Tongchang-ri under expert supervision. Speaking after two days of talks with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, President Moon Jae-in added that Pyongyang is prepared to take additional steps, such as closing its main Yongbyon nuclear complex, if the United States took reciprocal measures. For his part, Kim said the two countries had agreed a goal of denuclearising the Korean peninsula. RTHK’s Seoul correspondent, Frank Smith, told Jim Gould that the latest developments are significant: