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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Mike Weeks and Ian Pooler


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Selected audio segments:
Beijing hits back over HK rights and democracy act   Listenfacebook
Beijing has announced a series of punitive measures against the United States for Washington's backing of anti-government protests in Hong Kong. These are in retaliation for President Trump’s decision to sign off on the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act last week. They include the suspension of port calls to the SAR by US warships and sanctions on American NGOs. But Glenn Shive - the Executive Director of the Hong Kong America Center – told Mike Weeks the response is largely for show and designed not to have any impact on sensitive trade negotiations between the world’s two biggest economies:
Government finances dip into the red for first time in 15 years   Listenfacebook
The Financial Secretary, Paul Chan, says Hong Kong is facing its first budget deficit in 15 years as the economic recession starts to bite. He said six months of street protests and violence have dealt a severe blow to the economy which the government predicts will shrink by 1.3 percent this year. Jimmy Choi has the details:
Social enterprises face closure if unrest continues   Listenfacebook
Over three-quarters of social enterprises recently surveyed say they're struggling to stay afloat because of the ongoing unrest. They are worried they could go out of business within a year if the economic slowdown continues, and say they have started to lay off staff. Andy Ng is a member of the General Chamber of Social Enterprises. He spoke to Ian Pooler about the impact of the anti-government protests on social enterprises in Hong Kong:
Advertisers strike in support of protesters   Listenfacebook
Workers in the advertising industry have begun a week-long strike in support of the anti-government protests. Hundreds packed into Chater Garden, in Central, on Monday to mark the start of the strike, before dispersing with plans to use their skills to support labour unions and pro-democracy businesses. Richard Pyne reports:
HK Airlines could be grounded this weekend   Listenfacebook
Cash-strapped Hong Kong Airlines has been told that its licence could be revoked or suspended if it fails to find new funds. It's also been warned by the aviation authorities that they could take action by the end of this week. Altis Wong has the details:
Police defend use of tear gas on Sunday march   Listenfacebook
The police have defended the use of tear gas during the authorised anti-government march in Tsim Sha Tsui on Sunday. The force said its officers only resorted to using the weapon after a group it described as "rioters" threw bricks and other things at them from a flyover. Timmy Sung reports:
Operation Santa Claus 2019: Home of Loving Faithfulness   Listenfacebook
The Home of Loving Faithfulness in the northern New Territories is one of 13 beneficiaries of this year's Operation Santa Claus – the annual charity campaign jointly organised by RTHK and the South China Morning Post. Gretchen Ryan is the coordinating superintendent at the Home of Loving Faithfulness: