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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Mike Weeks


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Selected audio segments:
June 4 vigil banned again  Listenfacebook
Authorities have banned the June 4 candlelight vigil at Victoria Park for the second year in a row. As was the case last year, police say the pandemic makes it too risky to allow the memorial to go ahead. Timmy Sung reports:
Zero Covid cases for first time in seven months   Listenfacebook
Hong Kong reported no new local or imported Covid-19 cases for the first time since October on Thursday. But an infectious disease specialist sounded a note of caution over the news. Dr Wilson Lam told Wendy Wong more time is needed to confirm that silent transmission in the community has truly ended:
Government urged to ease restrictions on live music  Listenfacebook
The Hong Kong Musicians Union and the Hong Kong Nightlife Industry Association are calling on the government to ease coronavirus restrictions to allow musicians to perform in live music nightlife venues again. The groups will be meeting the authorities next week. The chairwoman of the musicians' union, Manuela D Lo told Janice Wong how strict the current rules are:
Carrie Lam hails new era of patriots-only Legco   Listenfacebook
The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, says cutting the electoral representation of Hong Kong voters won't "foster long-term political and social stability" here. He spoke just hours after Thursday's overwhelming vote in the Legislative Council in support of Beijing's sweeping overhaul of the SAR's electoral system. Blinken’s remarks came after Chief Executive Carrie Lam took aim at overseas politicians and international media for criticising the changes. She also thanked lawmakers for their tireless efforts in passing the electoral reform bill at lightning speed, and the public for their support. As Priscilla Ng reports, Lam said none of it would have been possible if it wasn't for Beijing:
Sweeping electoral changes passed in landslide vote   Listenfacebook
Critics of the electoral changes say they will stifle opposition, but the government and its backers say the new system will end radicalism in Legco and enable the council to work more efficiently. With more on the swift passage of the changes to how Hong Kong chooses its lawmakers and chief executive, here's Wendy Wong:
Warning over Jimmy Lai’s accounts raises concerns  Listenfacebook
The Secretary for Security, John Lee, has confirmed that he warned national security suspect Jimmy Lai and two major banks not to have any dealing with the media tycoon's frozen accounts. Reuters had earlier reported that they were threatened with up to seven years in prison if they failed to comply. The news agency said the move exposed new risks for clients and top financial managers in Hong Kong. But as Vicky Wong reports, Lee gave assurances that 'ordinary' businesses have nothing to worry about:
UK approves over 7,000 BN(O) visa requests   Listenfacebook
London says it's received 34,000 applications from Hong Kong people for a new residency visa for the UK. That's far more than the requests for visas of any type by EU citizens in the same period, as Priscilla Ng reports:
Further delays to Central Link down to MTR management: Albert Lai  Listenfacebook
There was some good news and some bad news from the MTR Corporation earlier this week about its rail projects. While the railway says its Tuen Ma Line may be fully open slightly ahead of schedule at the end of next month, the cross-harbour section of its long-delayed Shatin to Central link is facing months of further delays. Mike Weeks asked engineer Albert Lai why the project is running so far behind:
Home prices approach record highs  Listenfacebook
Local home prices have risen for a fourth month in a row to a 21-month high. They are now close to their all-time highs and analysts expect the upward trend to continue. Priscilla Ng reports:
Government urged to boost e-sports funding  Listenfacebook
E-sports have become an explosive, multi-billion-dollar international industry and a new survey suggests that more and more players from Hong Kong are joining in. Violet Wong reports: