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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Vicky Wong


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EU lays fresh sanctions against Russia over Ukraine assault  Listenfacebook
The European Union has announced fresh sanctions on Russia over its assault on Ukraine, with measures which include shutting its airspace to Russian airlines. The 27-nation bloc would also bar outlets like Russia Today and Sputnik to broadcast to member states in a move against what it described as Russia's disinformation machine. This comes on top of an earlier move to block Russian banks from the Swift global interbank payments system. RTHK's Vicky Wong asked our Washington correspondent, Barry Wood, to explain how that would affect Russian banks:
Rising Covid-19 deaths lead to bottleneck at mortuaries  Listenfacebook
The Covid numbers in Hong Kong keep on rising, with authorities reporting a record 26,026 cases on Sunday . As the cases rise, so too, do the deaths – 110 newly reported on Sunady. The situation has gotten to a point where mortuaries are at near-capacity, forcing hospital staff to keep some bodies at public hospitals for the time being. Frank Yung has the details:
People stock up on rapid Covid tests amid uncertainty  Listenfacebook
With the number of Covid cases growing at an exponential rate, the government recently announced that people could report themselves as being Covid-positive from rapid testing kits -- as opposed to having to venture outside to get tested. Long queues were seen at shops in places such as Sham Shui Po where these rapid antigen tests are on sale --some for as little as 20 dollars each. But as Natale Ching reports, not all tests are recognised by the government, and many buyers say they're not sure if they've bought the right ones:
Gov't hands out 270,000 test kits  Listenfacebook
With demand for rapid test kits quickly surging, the government says it has handed out over 270,000 kits to people across the territory. In some areas, thousands of kits were given out after authorities detected the Covid-19 virus in sewage samples:
Rules relaxed to allow mainland care workers to look after HK elderly  Listenfacebook
The Secretary for Labour and Welfare, Law Chi-kwong, says the government is hiring temporary workers from the mainland to take care of elderly Covid patients at its isolation and treatment facilities. As Wendy Wong reports, restrictions on importing such labour has been relaxed:
Paul Chan calls for rent concessions for SMEs  Listenfacebook
The Financial Secretary, Paul Chan, says property developers and big landlords should be socially responsible during the Omicron outbreak - and give rent concessions to small- and medium-sized enterprises. Writing on his official blog, the finance chief defended a proposed law that would ban landlords from evicting struggling businesses, saying the temporary measure was needed during this difficult period. Frank Yung has more:
Parents faced with tough task of entertaining kids during early 'summer break'   Listenfacebook
Parents across Hong Kong have been coming to terms with the government's policy of bringing the summer holidays forward to March so that school campuses can be used for the fight against Covid-19. But unlike any normal summer holidays, this one probably won't involve too many fun family outings or interest classes, given the pandemic situation and the upcoming universal testing initiative. So how can children stay active and not get too bored at home over the next two months? A question Janice Wong put to Professor Nirmala Rao, from Hong Kong University's faculty of education:
Exhibit celebrates local culinary culture  Listenfacebook
Local artist Alison Hui has put egg tart and milk tea front and center in a bookstore as part of an exhibition celebrating the culture of Cha Chaan Tang and Dai Pai Dong. "Taste Hong Kong" is a showcase of illustrations and a nostalgic tour of local eateries that made their marks on the city. It takes the title of a book written by the artist herself. Atom Cheung was at the Cite Bookstore, where a giant pineapple bun was painted on a window overlooking Lockhart Road in Wanchai: