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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Vicky Wong


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HK's Covid death rate among highest in the world  Listenfacebook
Health authorities say another 32,500 people have tested positive for Covid-19, but the true figure is most likely higher as it doesn't include people who've self-tested positive. There were also another 117 Covid-related deaths, most of them elderly. With the number of deaths increasing, officials say they'll speed up a planned expansion of a public morgue. Wendy Wong reports:
Govt tries to deter 'irrational' panic-buying  Listenfacebook
The government says officials are still trying to iron out the details of this month's universal Covid testing programme, which it says "may involve" a lockdown. But in the meantime, it's urged people not to be misled by rumours or engage in panic-buying and stockpiling. Todd Harding reports:
Tsing Yi isolation facility opens  Listenfacebook
The Chief Secretary John Lee has sought to address rising fears over a general lockdown during this month's citywide testing. He said the government would do its best to ensure people had food and daily necessities. Lee was speaking at a newly-built isolation facility in Tsing Yi, which has begun admitting people with Covid-19 who have only mild or no symptoms. Frank Yung reports:
Supermarket chain adjusts opening hours  Listenfacebook
One of Hong Kong's big two supermarket chains, ParknShop, has shortened the opening hours of 240 of its stores in response to the pandemic. It comes a day after a rumour of store closures sparked panic-buying in the city. Violet Wong reports:
Professor says panic-buying shows ‘lack of trust’  Listenfacebook
A food logistics expert says panic-buying demonstrates a lack of trust in the system and insufficient communication from the government. Daisy Tam, from the Baptist University's Department of Humanities, gave assurances over the level of supplies in Hong Kong. But she told Vicky Wong that with 95 percent of Hong Kong's food imported, the government should have contingency measures in place if supplies were to be disrupted:
LKF's Zeman calls for clearer Covid messaging  Listenfacebook
Prominent businessman, Allan Zeman, says the government needs to be more "proactive" in its messaging on Covid-fighting measures. He says rumours of an imminent lockdown spurred the panic-buying seen in the past few days. The chairman of the Lan Kwai Fong Group says fear and confusion have also led to talent being driven away from Hong Kong. He told Joanne Wong that conflicting messages were partly to blame:
Covid infections affecting MTR operations  Listenfacebook
The MTR Corporation has warned that it's facing "enormous challenges" to keep Hong Kong's rail network operating as scores of staff contract Covid-19. It says this is already having an impact on its operations, as Frank Yung reports:
Experts say fifth wave nearing peak  Listenfacebook
University of Hong Kong medical experts say their modelling suggests 1.7 million people in the SAR have been infected with Covid-19 in the fifth wave. But they say daily infections will peak soon, and the planned mass testing should be delayed. Frank Yung reports:
HK seeks mainland carers for aged homes  Listenfacebook
Labour secretary Law Chi-kwong says temporary workers from the mainland will hopefully be arriving in the SAR within days to ease the manpower shortage at care homes. But he admitted they couldn't be put immediately to work, as Frances Sit reports:
Staffing levels at nursing homes near 'collapse'  Listenfacebook
A geriatrician says aged care homes normally operate with staff shortages and the pandemic has made the system collapse. Jean Woo, from the Faculty of Medicine at the Chinese University, described plans to bring in temporary workers from the mainland as "logical". She told Janice Wong that the work was generally viewed as low-paid and unattractive to locals, and now had the stigma of care homes being infected with Covid:
Visiting expert pledges mainland support over Covid  Listenfacebook
The head of the National Health Commission's Covid-19 task force has described the pandemic situation in Hong Kong as "severe and complicated." But Liang Wannian believes the SAR can win the fight against the Omicron outbreak with the support of the central government. Wendy Wong reports:
Ukraine urges China to mediate a ceasefire  Listenfacebook
Ukraine's foreign minister, Dmytro Kuleba, says China has offered to help mediate a ceasefire with Moscow. Kuleba said he had a constructive telephone discussion with his counterpart, Wang Yi. Xinhua news agency quoted Wang as saying China's top priority was to ease the situation for civilians, and prevent the conflict from escalating. Meanwhile, India is walking a diplomatic tightrope over Ukraine as it tries to balance its ties with Moscow and the West. AnneMarie Evans spoke to RTHK's India correspondent, Murali Krishnan, about the dilemma New Delhi finds itself in: