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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Samantha Butler


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Selected audio segments:
CE hopeful hits the campaign trail  Listenfacebook
Chief Executive hopeful John Lee has stepped-up his campaign for Hong Kong's top job by saying his focus on “results-oriented” governance is aimed at giving the public a “sense of having benefited”. And as Natale Ching reports, it seems one of the benefits the former Chief Secretary is talking about is moving full steam ahead with at least one of Carrie Lam's mega-development projects:
Campaign chief dismisses concerns over approach  Listenfacebook
John Lee's campaign chief says there may be little time for Hong Kong people to go through the Chief Executive hopeful’s election manifesto. Tam Yiu Chung says it is still a work in progress but people can nevertheless support the outgoing chief secretary's bid for the SAR's top job if they agree with his vision for the territory. Timmy Sung reports:
Local Covid infections drop to 1,407  Listenfacebook
New Covid infections in Hong Kong have dropped below 1,500, with cases from both PCR and rapid tests falling into triple figures. Despite the dwindling number of cases, health authorities also declared the weekend territory-wide self-testing exercise a success, as Todd Harding reports:
Daily Covid tests for students and staff after Easter  Listenfacebook
All students and school staff must take daily tests for Covid-19 when face-to-face classes resume after the Easter break. The Chief Executive Carrie Lam says the measure is aimed at reducing infection risks in schools. Frank Yung reports:
Govt urged to consider financial burden of daily tests  Listenfacebook
The chairman of the Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools Council, Dion Chen, says the daily Covid tests can help protect children, but he urged the government to review the arrangement after a few weeks to ensure it does not impose a huge financial burden on parents. He also told Kelly Yu that he understood some unvaccinated students may be barred from mask-off activities because of safety risks:
Concern group says 10 million tests insufficient  Listenfacebook
An education concern group has called on the government to provide more rapid Covid test kits to schools. Mervyn Cheung from the Education Policy Concern Organisation says the government's offer of 10 million tests for schools will only be enough for the estimated 800,000 of the territory's school children to use daily for two to three weeks. He also called for more support for lower-income families. He told Samantha Butler he was concerned about a possible rebound in Covid cases when face-to-face classes resume after Easter:
GPs can apply to use Covid pills  Listenfacebook
Private doctors can now request free supplies of the two Covid pills the government has purchased via an existing online platform. But whether the new anti-viral drug, Evusheld, will be added to Hong Kong's coronavirus armoury remains unclear. Mike Weeks reports:
Expert says Evusheld useful for immuno-compromised  Listenfacebook
An infectious disease expert says AstraZeneca's new Covid drug, Evusheld, can play an important role here in giving immuno-compromised patients protection against Covid-19. Dr Wilson Lam, vice president of the Society for Infectious Diseases, was commenting after the government indicated on Monday that further study was needed to determine if Evusheld would be brought to Hong Kong. Evusheld contains lab-made antibodies that, after injected into the patient, can linger for around six to 12 months in the body. Dr Lam told Janice Wong that it was useful for certain patients:
Covid cases emerge in Guangzhou  Listenfacebook
As Shanghai continues to battle a high number of infections, new cases emerging in Guangzhou have prompted local authorities there to suspend in-person classes and lock down some areas. Frances Sit reports:
National security police arrest veteran journalist  Listenfacebook
RTHK has learnt that veteran journalist, Allan Au, was arrested by national security police for alleged sedition on Monday. He was reportedly taken to Kwai Chung police station, and released later in the night. Frank Yung reports:
Men fined for MTR mahjong stunt  Listenfacebook
Five men have been fined $1,000 each for a video stunt in which they played mahjong on an MTR train. They were found guilty of committing nuisance in a public place. Kelly Yu reports: