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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Samantha Butler


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China expects three waves of Covid infections  Listenfacebook
China's chief epidemiologist says the country is in the first of an expected three waves of Covid cases this winter. Wu Zunyou, from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, warned that further waves of infection would come as people travelled across the country to return home for the Lunar New Year holiday next month. Vicky Wong reports:
Strong winds blow Cyclothon off-course  Listenfacebook
In a speech marking Sunday's Cyclothon, Chief Executive John Lee says the Tourism Board will continue to host large-scale events to attract tourists. The CE believes Hong Kong will be the top destination among travellers and arrival figures will go up rapidly now that anti-epidemic measures are lifted. Some cyclists who took part in the Cyclothon say they were disappointed that the route was changed due to the windy weather. But many others also say they welcomed the event's return after a four-year absence. Violet Wong reports:
Authorities step up construction site inspections  Listenfacebook
The Labour Department has inspected more than a dozen construction sites run by a contractor that is being linked to a number of fatal industrial accidents. Officials say they are highly concerned about the recent string of cases, as Joanne Wong reports:
Lawmaker wants bigger penalties on safety breaches  Listenfacebook
The Labour Department says it made 21 prosecutions and handed out 55 improvement notices after checking 13 construction sites in its three-day campaign. Officials began inspecting the sites a day after a 55-year-old worker was crushed to death by a collapsed beam. It noted the firm linked to the case in Yau Tong, as well as that linked to the deaths of three people at a Sau Mau Ping site in September, are under the same contractor. Lawmaker Lam Chun-sing, from the Federation of Hong Kong and Kowloon Labour Unions, urged authorities to expand its inspections and called for a bill raising penalties for those who violate occupational safety laws. He spoke to Joanne Wong:
Attempted kidnapping foiled outside Stanley Prison  Listenfacebook
Police believe disputes over money were behind a case in which a woman was forced into a vehicle outside Stanley Prison. Four people have been arrested in connection with Saturday's incident, as Violet Wong reports:
Govt hopes proposed stiffer fines will deter litterbugs  Listenfacebook
The environment chief has defended the government's proposal to raise the fines for littering and illegal shop extensions. Tse Chin-wan says stiffer penalties are needed to provide a deterrent effect. The government wants to double the current fine to $3,000 and raise penalties for illegal shop extensions and depositing construction waste unlawfully to $6,000. Kelly Yu reports:
By-election sees four new Legco faces  Listenfacebook
Four people have been elected Legislative Council members in a by-election held on Sunday. The DAB's Chan Wing-kwong, Adrian Ho of the New People's Party, Shang Hailong from an artificial intelligence firm, and engineering scholar from the Chinese University William Wong won in a vote that the government described as fair, honest and efficient. Kelly Yu reports:
HK opens its first official mountain-bike trail  Listenfacebook
Hong Kong's first mountain-bike training ground near Mui Wo officially opened over the weekend. Spanning four and a half hectares, it is the biggest practice venue for mountain biking in Asia and can accommodate around 500 bikers at a time. Leung Pak-hei went along to have a look at the new Lantau facility:
Mountain-bike training ground a 'game changer'  Listenfacebook
A mountain bike trail specialist has described Hong Kong’s first mountain-bike training ground as a “game changer” for the sport, and hopes it will breed a new generation of mountain bikers. Lim Hui-min said residents could easily spend an entire day in the park, which had trails suitable for all levels of expertise. But he told Janice Wong that more needed to be done to promote the sport:
Concern grows over potential US recession  Listenfacebook
Wall Street wrapped up back-to-back losing weeks last week. The decline comes as investors grow more concerned that the US economy will enter a recession next year. On Wednesday, the Fed raised interest rates by half a percentage point to their highest levels in 15 years and lowered its forecast for growth in the US next year to just 0.5 percent. RTHK's US economics correspondent in Washington, Barry Wood, told Samantha Butler what the Fed communicated about its future intentions: