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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Samantha Butler


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90 percent of surveyed firms want imported labour  Listenfacebook
The lawmaker representing wholesale and retail says the government should bring in workers from the Greater Bay Area to help tackle a manpower crunch in the trade. The Liberal Party's Peter Shiu said of 800 companies he surveyed, more than 80 percent complained of a long-term labour shortage, and more than 90 percent said they would welcome imported workers. Shiu told Frank Yung that bringing in mainland staff, who could come to work and return home on the same day, would be the most cost-effective:
Covid monitoring system needed to predict 'peaks'  Listenfacebook
A top epidemiologist says he is not too concerned about an expected rebound in Covid cases during the summer, as flu poses a bigger risk to Hong Kong. Benjamin Cowling from the University of Hong Kong's School of Public Health says people can make up their own minds about whether they want to get a Covid vaccine, although it is recommended for high-risk groups, such as the elderly or chronic patients. He also said the seasonality of Covid was unclear so far, meaning it was difficult to predict infection peaks and anticipate demand on healthcare. He told Samantha Butler that Hong Kong needed a system to track Covid infections:
Bars see 25 percent boost from Hong Kong Sevens  Listenfacebook
The chairman of the Lan Kwai Fong Group, Allan Zeman, says business went up by about 25 to 35 percent during the Rugby Sevens weekend. He says the atmosphere was much better than the previous Sevens in November last year, when pandemic restrictions were still in place. Looking ahead, Zeman told Maggie Ho that he was optimistic business would continue to improve as mega-events returned to Hong Kong:
Highschool students begin mainland study tour  Listenfacebook
About 200 senior secondary students are the first group from Hong Kong taking part in a compulsory trip to the mainland as part of the Citizenship and Social Development subject. They are on an overnight visit to Shenzhen and Guangdong, as Vanessa Cheng reports:
Govt highlights landslide risks ahead of rainy season  Listenfacebook
Officials from the Civil Engineering and Development Department are stepping up publicity when it comes to landslides. They are worried that a drop in cases last year could lead to lower public awareness. Violet Wong reports:
Public invited to augmented reality tour on Bowen Rd  Listenfacebook
Officials say they hope a new guided tour, using augmented and virtual reality technology, can remind the public just how dangerous some of the city's slopes can be. The Civil Engineering and Development Department said there had been a substantial drop in the number of landslide reports last year, and it was afraid that people were letting down their guard. Becky Lui, the department's chief geotechnical engineer, told Janice Wong about the department's new guided tour along Bowen Road:
India welcomes first newborn cheetah cubs in 70 years  Listenfacebook
Four cheetah cubs have been born in India, 70 years after the big cats went extinct in the country. India's environment minister, Bhupender Yadav, said he was delighted and called the births a momentous event. But these are African cheetahs and not the original Asiatic, and there are concerns the terrain and prey will not be suitable. There are only around 50 Asiatic cheetahs left and they are mostly in Iran. Last year, India brought over eight cheetahs from Namibia, followed last month by a further 12 from South Africa. Annemarie Evans asked RTHK's India correspondent, Murali Krishnan, how the cubs were doing: