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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Samantha Butler and Ben Tse


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Indonesian union insists on 'zero-fee' helper rule  Listenfacebook
Union representatives, who have flown in from Indonesia, say employers of Indonesian domestic workers here will need to comply with regulations set by Jakarta, stating that employers must pay the local agency fee, rather than helpers. In response, agencies here say more people are considering hiring helpers from other countries. Aaron Tam reports:
Increase in helper fees questioned  Listenfacebook
An employer's group has questioned why Indonesian helper fees will rise by up to $5,000, as suggested by the Indonesian union. According to regulations, a local helper can pay only up to 10 percent of their first month salary as a placement fee. Betty Yung, chairwoman of the Hong Kong Employers of Overseas Domestic Helpers Association, said local employers already paid such fees to local agencies. She told Ben Tse that such an increase would add to employers' financial burden:
Call for 'zero-fee' complaint mechanism  Listenfacebook
A spokesperson of the Asian Migrants Coordinating Body says since the 'zero-fee' policy was introduced by Jakarta in 2020, there has been no complaint mechanism for helpers who have been forced to pay fees. Sring Atin also said the Indonesian and Hong Kong governments should shoulder extra costs, such as helper training, so that these were not passed on at exorbitant prices to both employers and workers. She spoke to Samantha Butler:
More taxis choosing western harbour crossing  Listenfacebook
Transport secretary Lam Sai-hung says traffic through the harbour tunnels was smooth on the first day of the government's new toll structure, with the number of vehicles using the busy Cross-Harbour Tunnel falling during peak hours. It is just the first step in a scheme that the government hopes will eventually even out traffic flow through the three crossings. But as Jamie Clarke reports, it has had a big and immediate impact on taxi usage of the harbour tunnels:
Govt urged to be lenient with taxi drivers  Listenfacebook
The government is being urged to go easy on taxi drivers as it moves to stamp out various types of malpractice, amid claims that some cabbies are ignorant of what behaviour can land them in trouble with the law. The head of a body that represents the trade appealed to authorities to initially focus on the most serious offences, as Anne Chan reports:
Probe into a local Monkeypox case  Listenfacebook
The Centre for Health Protection says it is investigating a confirmed Monkeypox case, involving a 31-year-old man with an underlying illness. The man is now in a stable condition in Princess Margaret Hospital. Robert Kemp reports:
HK's history, culture attract visitors  Listenfacebook
Visitors to Hong Kong are increasingly interested in the city's history and culture and are turning their backs on its shopping malls. That is the view of Tourism Association head Timothy Chui, who said travel agencies are changing itineraries so they can cash in on what he described as a new trend. Janice Yuen reports:
Vision for Chek Lap Kok 'airport city'  Listenfacebook
The Financial Secretary has been talking about his vision for an "airport city" that would make Chek Lap Kok a hub of economic activity, connecting the whole of the Greater Bay Area. Paul Chan was speaking at the opening of the International Aviation Forum at the airport, as Elvis Yu reports:
Average wait for public rental housing remains unchanged  Listenfacebook
Official data shows the average wait for public rental housing remained at 5.3 years at the end of June, unchanged on the previous quarterly figure. The Housing Authority said it allocated flats to more than 2,000 applicants in the second quarter, but more than 130,000 households were still waiting for a home. Frank Yung spoke to Cleresa Wong, who chairs the authority's subsidised housing committee, on the public housing waiting time:
Offer bonds, not cash, for Technopole land  Listenfacebook
A think tank has urged the government to offer flexible land-use and compensation options when resuming land for its planned tech hub. The Our Hong Kong Foundation noted that more than half of the land in the first phase of the San Tin Technopole’s development is privately owned. Ryan Ip, the think tank’s vice president, told Ada Au that the administration should allow landowners to convert their land to help develop innovation and technology in the SAR, and offer technopole bonds instead of cash compensation to landowners:
Evergrande applies to resume trading of shares  Listenfacebook
Evergrande Property Services Group Ltd says it has applied to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange to resume trading of the company's shares from Thursday. Robert Kemp reports:
Massive cleanup underway after Beijing heavy rains  Listenfacebook
Officials say the deadly rains that pummelled Beijing in recent days were the heaviest since records began nearly a century-and-a-half ago. At least 20 people have died across the capital and in surrounding Hebei province. And as the downpour eases, a massive cleanup operation is now underway, as Jamie Clarke reports: