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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Samantha Butler and Ben Tse


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Souvenirs, gifts not covered by Japanese seafood ban  Listenfacebook
Authorities are urging people returning to Hong Kong from Japan not to bring back seafood products from areas that are subject to a ban that started on Thursday. The plea came as final preparations to discharge wastewater from the crippled Fukushima power plant in Japan were under way. Frank Yung reports:
Fukushima ban won't be lifted "soon"  Listenfacebook
Hong Kong authorities have said the import ban on aquatic products will not be lifted "too soon". Officials told a press conference that this was because they needed to observe the impact of wastewater released from the Fukushima power plant. Violet Wong reports:
Expert voices fears over accumulated affects of wastewater  Listenfacebook
A nuclear engineering expert at City University says it could take months or even years to see the accumulated effects of the release of contaminated water from Fukushima. Luk Bing-lam says contaminants in the water can cause bone or thyroid cancer, although Japanese and international authorities have deemed the radiation levels to be low and safe. But he told Ben Tse that the impact on marine life and food safety of the release of such a large quantity of wastewater will not be known for some time:
Govt takes fight against protest song to appeals court  Listenfacebook
The High Court has given the go-ahead for the government to challenge its decision against issuing a wide-ranging ban of a protest song on national security grounds. Todd Harding reports:
Call to scrap age limit on funding for rare disease  Listenfacebook
The government has been urged to scrap an age cap on funding for treatment of a rare spinal cord disease. Treating the condition, known as spinal muscular atrophy, can cost millions of dollars every year for each patient. Ada Au reports:
Social enterprises want post-pandemic support  Listenfacebook
The chairman of a social enterprise chamber has called on the government to give them more assistance. His comments come after the General Chamber of Social Enterprises surveyed over 120 firms in July to assess the situation after the lifting of Covid restrictions. About 80 percent of respondents reported an increase in business turnover. But the chamber's chairman, Andy Ng, told Elvis Yu that the pace of recovery had been slower than expected as over half of respondents experienced only a modest increase in business turnover:
Public facilities on golf course to open next month  Listenfacebook
Public facilities, including a pet park, will open on Fanling Golf Course land that authorities will take back from the golf club at the start of next month. But public access will be limited at first. Damon Pang reports:
Police data showing surge in child abuse "worrying"  Listenfacebook
A child rights advocate says police data showing a nearly 30 percent rise in child abuse cases is a worrying sign. Priscilla Lui, former director of the group, Against Child Abuse, called for the police statistics to be compared with data from other sources, so authorities could identify what led to the child abuse and how to take better preventative measures. She spoke to Samantha Butler:
Probe underway into safety of cable car  Listenfacebook
The owner and operator of the Pakistani cable car on which eight passengers were stranded on Tuesday have both been arrested. The extraordinary rescue took place in northwest Pakistan, after six children and two teachers were left dangling precariously nearly 300 metres above a ravine when one of the car's cables snapped. Annemarie Evans spoke to RTHK's South Asia correspondent, Murali Krishnan, about reaction to the rescue effort: