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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Samantha Butler


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Sai Kung and Tseung Kwan O flooding 'unavoidable'  Listenfacebook
A top drainage services official says what happened in Sai Kung and Tseung Kwan O on Monday was “unavoidable”. The two districts were swept away by floods, just days after Friday's record deluge turned roads into rivers and submerged MTR stations. More than 100 millimetres of rainfall was recorded in just an hour on Monday morning in Sai Kung and Tseung Kwan O. Violet Wong reports:
Further landslips feared at Redhill Peninsula  Listenfacebook
It is unclear whether unapproved building works at luxury homes at the Redhill Peninsula in Tai Tam might have had something to do with the collapse of the slope there in Friday's rains. But the former head of the government's Geotechnical Engineering Office says persistent water leakage, which could be seen at a damaged luxury home, could trigger further landslips. Kelly Yu reports:
New training course for aspiring pilots  Listenfacebook
The Airport Authority is organising a new training course for people interested in becoming pilots. Each candidate will have to fork out $800,000 for the programme and can join three local airlines upon completion. Ada Au reports:
Pilot course will 'accommodate' growth in Asia  Listenfacebook
An aviation analyst says the pilots' course at the Airport Authority's flight school is important, given the worldwide demand for pilots. Professor Achim Czerny from Polytechnic University's Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies said an estimated 250,000 pilots would be needed over the next 10 years around the world, with most of the growth happening in Asia. He told Samantha Butler that regional airlines generally hired pilots from the United States but it was important for local schools to now develop their own programmes:
Whale sighting off Southern District  Listenfacebook
There has been another whale sighting, this time in waters off Southern District, and the government is urging people not to chase after the mammal or get too close to it. It comes just weeks after a Bryde's whale was seen in Sai Kung and later found dead with suspected propeller wounds. Ada Au reports:
Suspended jail sentence for mother who abandoned son  Listenfacebook
A mainland woman has been handed a suspended prison sentence after admitting that she abandoned her son in Hong Kong. It caused widespread outrage in the city, after it was reported that the mother left her son here so he could get a better education. Vanessa Cheng reports:
$3.7 million worth of robbed watches recovered  Listenfacebook
Police have arrested one man and recovered all 20 luxury watches taken in an armed robbery in Tsim Sha Tsui. Officers say two other suspects are still at large. Violet Wong reports:
Australia's Voice referendum proving divisive  Listenfacebook
In just over a month's time, Australians will have their say in a referendum about whether to change the constitution, to recognise the voice of the First Peoples of Australia. Voters answer a single question: Should the constitution be altered to recognise the First Peoples of Australia by establishing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice? Prime Minister Anthony Albanese thinks this simple change would improve the lives of Indigenous Australians. But RTHK's Australia correspondent, Luke Hunt, says the vote has become extremely divisive and currently appears to be leaning towards a "no" answer. He spoke to Annemarie Evans: