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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Samantha Butler and Ben Tse


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79-year-old dies in medical blunder  Listenfacebook
Caritas Medical Centre says it has launched a three-month probe to look into the death of a patient who died after his oxygen cylinder was not turned on while he was being transferred between wards this week. As Violet Wong reports, the Hospital Authority has apologised to the 79-year-old man's family but have not said its staff were at fault:
Autopsy finds deceased guide dog was in good health  Listenfacebook
A guide dog centre says one of its canines may have died from suspected poisoning. The guide dog, named Funny, abruptly passed away at a shopping mall earlier this month. Damon Pang reports:
Researchers call for more first aid education  Listenfacebook
Polytechnic University researchers have called for more first aid education in Hong Kong after finding that people aged under 40 who suffered a cardiac arrest outside of hospital had a survival rate of only nine percent, with less than 40 percent of them being given CPR. The research team studied around 30,000 cases from 2020 to May this year and found nearly half of cardiac arrests happened at home. Professor Amy Fu from the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences told Samantha Butler that administering CPR could double a person's survival rate while using a defibrillator could triple it:
Red Cross boosts disaster relief with cash handouts   Listenfacebook
The Hong Kong Red Cross is now giving cash to people severely affected by disasters in the SAR instead of just providing them with food and clothes. Since August, the charity has handed out money or cash vouchers to more than 3,300 local households affected by disasters, such as typhoons, floods or home fires. Its CEO, Bonnie So, told Elvis Yu that the new initiative was part of the charity's five-year strategic plan to beef up its local disaster relief services:
Survey shows HK fifth most expensive city  Listenfacebook
Hong Kong is the fifth most expensive place to live in the world, according to a twice-yearly survey. The poll by the Economist Intelligence Unit said the SAR dropped one place from last year while Singapore maintained pole position for the ninth time, tying with Zurich. Hailey Yip reports:
Visiting astronauts speak to teachers and students  Listenfacebook
The head of a visiting delegation from the nation's space programme says he hopes an exhibition at two museums in the SAR will deepen Hongkongers' understanding of the country's advances in space exploration. The delegation also attended a banquet hosted by the Innovation, Technology and Industry Bureau and spoke to teachers and students at Polytechnic University. Kelly Yu reports:
More people think HK's countryside is cleaner  Listenfacebook
A local green group says fewer people think the countryside has a 'severe' waste problem. Hazel Chiu, assistant senior education officer from Green Power, says its online poll of 300 respondents in the past two months found the number of people who think there is too much trash on hiking trails dropped from 67 percent in 2021 to 36 percent this year. She told Ben Tse that this may be due to a drop in the number of hikers since the pandemic ended, as well as fewer people wearing surgical masks:
Charity helps young people find purposeful work  Listenfacebook
The Operation Santa Claus charity drive is raising money for 16 charities. One of them is the Asia Pacific Youth Development Foundation, which is dedicated to empowering young people to unlock their leadership potential, while promoting an inclusive society. Saadia Usmani met Dan Cheung, Co-Founder and Chief Catalyst of the youth foundation to talk about its project, D-Generation, and one of its beneficiaries - a final-year journalism student at the University of Hong Kong:
Henry Kissinger dies aged 100  Listenfacebook
Tributes have been pouring in for former US Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, who has died at the age of 100. China called him a dear old friend of the Chinese people. Kissinger sought detente with the Soviet Union under Presidents Nixon and Ford and one of his signature achievements was, in 1972, to open up relations between the US and China. The elder statesman was still active on the world stage in July, when he met President Xi Jinping in Beijing. Josef Gregory Mahoney, a professor of politics at East China Normal University, told Chloe Feng that Kissinger's visits to China helped shape a new global landscape: