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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Samantha Butler


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Xi pledges full support to SAR at rare meeting  Listenfacebook
President Xi Jinping has affirmed the work of Chief Executive John Lee, saying he is confident Hong Kong has a bright future. The meeting in the capital included the Premier Li Qiang and marked the first time in more than 20 years that the president and premier met together with a Hong Kong chief executive during a duty visit. Vanessa Cheng reports:
Jimmy Lai's national security trial begins  Listenfacebook
A lawyer representing former media tycoon, Jimmy Lai, says a sedition charge against him should be dismissed as it was laid after the statutory time limit. As Kelly Yu reports, the long-awaited national security trial of the Apple Daily founder got under way at the High Court amid tight security:
China hits back at western criticism of trial  Listenfacebook
China has criticised comments made by Britain and the United States relating to the trial of the former media tycoon. Natale Ching reports:
Time-varying tolls push up minibus fares  Listenfacebook
Fares for some minibus routes using the Cross-Harbour Tunnel have gone up, after tolls for such vehicles rose by up to five times to HK$50. As Chloe Feng reports, route operators say they had no choice:
Human error blamed for overcharging at tunnel tolls  Listenfacebook
Transport authorities have apologised after thousands of motorists using the Western Harbour Crossing were overcharged on Monday. They said human error was behind the incident that occurred on the first working day since time-sensitive toll charges were introduced. Among the 4,700 drivers affected was lawmaker Gary Zhang, who said he was charged HK$8 more than what was displayed at the tunnel's entrance. Zhang said he did not notice the situation until some drivers told him they were overcharged. He told Frank Yung this was unacceptable:
High expectations set for incoming councillors  Listenfacebook
The government has reminded incoming district councillors that they are required to attend at least 80 percent of meetings in one year, according to new guidelines to monitor their performance. Frank Yung reports:
Civil service unions given assurances over new code  Listenfacebook
The government has given its assurances that civil service unions will not fall foul of an updated code of conduct when fighting for better pay and benefits. The government was responding in Legco to queries over its plans to amend the Civil Service Code. Violet Wong reports:
Appeal for donations to fulfil Christmas wishes  Listenfacebook
A community group is making a plea for public donations to help underprivileged children fulfil their Christmas wishes. The Society for Community Organisation has been organising a Christmas gift programme for underprivileged children since 2004 and has handed out about 40,000 gifts in total. This year, they received 3,360 applications. But the group's deputy director, Sze Lai-shan, told Elvis Yu that it had raised only less than half of this year's fundraising goal:
At least eight killed in strong Gansu earthquake  Listenfacebook
At least eight people have been killed after a strong shallow earthquake sent tremors through a county in Gansu province on Monday night. Jacqueline Guico reports:
Users complain ChatGPT getting lazy  Listenfacebook
This week's Tech Tuesday discusses reports that ChatGPT-4 is getting "lazy". With Christmas just around the corner, users have noticed that the chatbot is avoiding complex and boring tasks. Has the AI model learned to take it easy during the holiday season? Is there a way to encourage it to become more productive? Violet Wong and Raj Shroff find out more: