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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Ben Tse and Carol Musgrave


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Lawmakers finish scrutinising domestic security bill  Listenfacebook
A Legco bills committee has finished its initial scrutiny of the government's proposals on Basic Law Article 23 national security legislation. The committee will reconvene on Thursday to continue the legislative work, with the administration set to table amendments to the bill for further discussion. Violet Wong reports:
Court hears of Jimmy Lai canvassing foreign support  Listenfacebook
The national security trial of former media tycoon, Jimmy Lai, has heard that two companies he allegedly owned helped make prepayments for advertisements in foreign newspapers aimed at canvassing international support for anti-extradition protests in Hong Kong in 2019. Frank Yung reports:
Cathay reports first post-pandemic profit  Listenfacebook
Cathay Pacific has returned to the black for the first time since 2019, posting a profit of almost HK$10 billion last year. But Hong Kong's flagship carrier also says it will not return to full capacity until later than expected. Anne Chan reports:
More pilots needed to support aviation growth  Listenfacebook
An aviation analyst says it is good news that Cathay Pacific has reported its first post-pandemic profit, which he attributed to pent up demand for flights, a limited supply and the high ticket prices. Achim Czerny from Polytechnic University's Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies said more passengers meant more flights which also allowed for greater cargo business. But he told Ben Tse that Cathay's recovery lagged behind other airlines around the world, and was hampered by recruitment problems:
Travellers warned against bringing in bed bugs  Listenfacebook
A pest control expert says he has noticed more cases of Hong Kong people bringing back bed bugs from other countries and advises travellers to clean their luggage well upon their return. This comes after pictures of bed bugs in Japanese public transport and hotels recently went viral on social media. The founder of Ivy Pest Control Corporation, Henry Cheng, explained that bed bugs were "smart" and good at hiding. He spoke to Natale Ching:
Glowing eggs form part of Art@Harbour  Listenfacebook
Large-scale outdoor displays along Victoria Harbour and a special exhibition marking the 100th anniversary of the birth of renowned martial arts novelist, Louis Cha, are among a series of art and cultural activities planned for the coming months by the government. Elvis Yu reports:
Le French May collaborates with M+  Listenfacebook
The French May Arts Festival is starting earlier this year, to collaborate with many of the M+ events and art exhibitions held this month. The festival will run from Sunday to the end of June, featuring more than 100 arts and cultural programmes including music, dance and theatre. Xavier Mahé, the general manager of the festival, says visitors can look forward to many "east meets west" collaborations, including the theatre exchange project between Hong Kong and France known as "Let the Mirror Speak". He spoke to Hailey Yip:
Discovery leads hopes for stomach cancer cure  Listenfacebook
Researchers at the Chinese University have discovered a specific type of bacteria in the stomach that can cause tumour growth. The university hopes its discovery can help find a cure for gastric cancer. Professor Jun Yu, Director of the university's Institute of Digestive Diseases, said it was known that H. pylori bacterium could result in cancer. But some patients still developed lesions, even after the bacterium was removed. As Professor Yu told Carol Musgrave, researchers found another bacterium, S. anginosus, that increased cancer risk:
Several dead in suspected gas blast in Hebei  Listenfacebook
A large suspected gas explosion at a building in northern China has left at least seven people dead and dozens more injured. The explosion ripped through a restaurant in Hebei province. Priscilla Ng reports:
India implements "discriminatory" citizenship law  Listenfacebook
The US government and the United Nations have expressed concerns about a contentious religion-based citizenship law in India. The UN called the legislation "fundamentally discriminatory". On Monday, the Indian government moved to implement the 2019 Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) which allows non-Muslim religious minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan to seek citizenship. Authorities say it will help those facing persecution. RTHK's Delhi correspondent, Murali Krishnan, told AnneMarie Evans that the act challenges India's secular constitution:
Broad Strokes: Tallis Scholars celebrate Golden Jubilee during HKAF  Listenfacebook
RTHK's arts and culture podcast, Broad Strokes, revisits the sights and sounds of old Shanghai through an award-winning production from the Shanghai Ballet Company, bringing a tale of unrequited love to the Hong Kong Arts Festival. Artwork from people with disabilities - including painting, pottery and sculptures - showcases talent from an under-represented part of the community. And hosts Ben Tse and Jacqueline Guico listen to the sounds of the Renaissance with religious choral works from the 16th century: