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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Carol Musgrave and Ben Tse


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Six activists in UK stripped of their passports  Listenfacebook
Six people wanted in Hong Kong for alleged national security offences have been stripped of their passports under new national security laws passed in March. Security secretary Chris Tang issued the order against the six after they fled to the United Kingdom. Frank Yung reports:
Lawmakers back sanctions against the six  Listenfacebook
Lawmaker Regina Ip has backed the government's move to impose sanctions against the six individuals. Other lawmakers have also supported the move. Raymond Yeung reports:
Complaints over slow roll out of food waste bins  Listenfacebook
The government aims to have a food waste recycling bin for each public housing block within two years. But as Vanessa Cheng reports, lawmakers want it to happen sooner:
'Facilities needed to treat disposed food waste'  Listenfacebook
An environmentalist has urged the government to fast-track a plan to install food waste recycling bins at each public housing block. Edwin Lau, founder of the Green Earth, said it should not be difficult to place such bins across Hong Kong promptly. He told Ben Tse that private housing estates and the so-called "three-nil" buildings should also have the bins and that officials must ensure there were sufficient facilities to treat the disposed food waste:
HK strikes deal with AI unicorn, SmartMore  Listenfacebook
Financial Secretary Paul Chan says the tie-up between a government-owned investment vehicle and a local "tech unicorn" would bring more momentum to Hong Kong's securities market. Anne Chan reports:
Lawmaker hails 'symbolic' SmartMore deal  Listenfacebook
A lawmaker and engineering professor has called the deal between government-owned Hong Kong Investment Corporation and the SmartMore start-up as "symbolic". William Wong, associate dean of the Faculty of Engineering at the Chinese University, also said the partnership would let academics know that research they were conducting could transform into real-world applications that benefit the city and the world. He told Carol Musgrave the partnership set a good example and there would be more to come:
Retail sector facing changing spending patterns  Listenfacebook
Commerce secretary Algernon Yau says economic activities in the city have returned to normal and tourist numbers have been going up. But he urged the retail sector to maintain competitiveness. Anne Chan reports:
CLP blames faulty cable for Wong Tai Sin power cut  Listenfacebook
Parts of Wong Tai Sin were plunged into darkness for four hours on Wednesday night, with electricity provider CLP saying a faulty cable was to blame for cutting off power to more than 2,200 customers. Steve Dunthorne reports:
HKU task force won't look at specific incidents  Listenfacebook
Education minister Christine Choi says a government fact-finding task force will help the University of Hong Kong with its internal communications, rather than investigate specific incidents. It was set up on Tuesday to look into a public spat involving the top management of the school. Damon Pang reports:
New bladder surgery cuts cancer recurrence  Listenfacebook
The Chinese University has developed a new surgery technique that is better at preventing bladder cancer from recurring, compared with traditional procedures. Elvis Yu reports:
Researchers hope to further cut tumour recurrence rate  Listenfacebook
Researchers at the Chinese University say the new surgery technique takes an extra several minutes compared to traditional methods but the benefits make it worthwhile. Dr Jeremy Teoh, who led the research, told Elvis Yu that he hoped over the coming year, more surgeons could adopt the technique:
Shooter loses final appeal over Quarry Bay murders  Listenfacebook
A woman who has been jailed for life for shooting dead her aunt and uncle and wounding two other relatives has lost her final appeal against her convictions. Kelly Yu reports:
Chinese man in speedboat incursion 'acting alone'  Listenfacebook
Mainland authorities say a man who was arrested in Taiwan after arriving on a speedboat was acting on his own and stands to be punished upon his return. Raymond Yeung reports:
EU to hit Chinese electric cars with tariffs  Listenfacebook
China has slammed a move by the European Union to impose higher tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles, or EVs, calling it protectionist. As Chloe Feng reports, the country's car industry does not see a major adverse impact caused by the additional duties:
China's consumer prices hold steady  Listenfacebook
Consumer inflation in China held steady last month, indicating that more needs to be done to stimulate domestic demand. Wendy Wong reports:
Hamas seeks changes to Gaza ceasefire plan  Listenfacebook
Authorities seeking a ceasefire deal between Hamas and Israel have said they are sensing a shift in the Gaza conflict and that there is a firm call to end the war. The United States, which outlined the plan, said the Palestinian group had put forward numerous changes, including unworkable ones. But Hamas said it had shown "full positivity" and urged the US to put pressure on Israel for a permanent ceasefire. Frank Yung reports:
UN hosts largest global meeting on disability issues  Listenfacebook
The United Nations is appealing for more to be done to help disabled people. The call came as hundreds of people with disabilities took part in a meeting with UN member states and non-governmental agencies. The gathering in New York is the world's biggest to focus on the needs of the disabled. Jacqueline Guico reports:
Giant flying venomous spiders set to invade NY  Listenfacebook
Joro spiders - which can be as big as a human hand - are spreading across the US Eastern Seaboard and heading north. With the females capable of growing as large as 20 centimetres across, and males 10 centimetres, Joro spiders can be an intimidating sight. Jacqueline Guico reports:
Harmonicist spins a tune for two bottles of bubbly  Listenfacebook
When you have a sip of champagne, what sort of music comes to mind? In RTHK's arts and culture podcast, Broad Strokes, we meet one harmonicist who has been composing music for two bottles of bubbly. We check out an exhibition bringing in artists from the margins. And we catch up with the crew who are creating a splash on walls around Hong Kong: