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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Janice Wong and Carol Musgrave


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First Beijing, Shanghai sleeper trains arrive in HK  Listenfacebook
The first overnight high-speed trains from Beijing and Shanghai to Hong Kong have arrived in the SAR. Tourism minister Kevin Yeung says passengers were generally positive about the “sleep and arrive” arrangement. Elvis Yu reports:
Railway expert welcomes more overnight trains  Listenfacebook
A railway engineering professional has welcomed the arrival of the first high-speed sleeper train service from Beijing and Shanghai to Hong Kong, saying it should have happened a long time ago. Henry Cheung who chairs the Association of Hong Kong Railway Transport Professionals, said business travellers stood to gain the most from the overnight service. He told Carol Musgrave that if more overnight trains were to be brought in later, then there needs to be improvements in the overall capacity of railway maintenance:
Kowloon City residents keen to return after area makeover  Listenfacebook
The Urban Renewal Authority says more than half of shop operators it spoke to in Kowloon City want to move back to the neighbourhood after a makeover designed to beautify the area and preserve its culture. Kelly Yu reports:
Subdivided tenants worried about housing alternatives  Listenfacebook
An NGO says a survey it carried out suggests the majority of people living in poor housing support the government's goal of ridding the city of low-quality subdivided flats, but they are also concerned about where they would have to move to. The Caritas Community Development Service recently spoke to more than 230 tenants and found that 70 percent think the government should regulate low-quality subdivided units. But 60 percent worry they cannot find anywhere else affordable. Kelvin Lee, a social worker from the group, says building more public housing is the long-term solution. He spoke to Kelly Yu:
20 suspected loan sharks, debt collectors arrested  Listenfacebook
20 people have been arrested on suspicion of loan sharking and illegal debt collection. Police say a number of people were threatened after failing to repay loans on time. Elvis Yu reports:
Erectile dysfunction pills seized by customs  Listenfacebook
Customs officers say they seized hundreds of thousands of erectile dysfunction pills, anti-depressants and other psychotropic drugs in the city this month. Four people have been arrested on suspicion of running medication mail services without a permit. Damon Pang reports:
Key global powers fail to sign Ukraine peace communique  Listenfacebook
The vast majority of the 90 countries attending a Swiss summit on peace for Ukraine supported its final declaration. The final communique called for dialogue between Ukraine and Russia, more than two years after the conflict began. China and Moscow did not attend. Azam Khan reports:
French police fire tear gas on anti-far right demonstrators  Listenfacebook
French police have fired tear gas at thousands of anti-far right demonstrators in the city of Lyon against the National Rally, with protests taking place across major cities in France ahead of upcoming elections. Azam Khan reports:
Retail stocks search for direction as rates stay high  Listenfacebook
Elevated interest rates are pressuring the US retail sector, where shares of many companies have been dented by months of tight monetary policy. The consumer will be in focus this week when the US reports retail sales data on Tuesday. RTHK's US economics correspondent, Barry Wood, told Janice Wong he expected the sector had slowed down while Tech companies had boosted the overall economy, thanks to Artificial Intelligence:
England have winning start to Euro 2024 campaign  Listenfacebook
England have kicked off their Euro 2024 Championships with victory over Serbia - a Jude Bellingham header in the 13th minute giving England a 1-nil win. RTHK's football correspondent Tim Bredbury gave Jamie Clarke a round-up of the game:
Hopes pinned on fencing star to bring home Gold  Listenfacebook
Hong Kong's fencing star Edgar Cheung is hoping to return to the podium at this year's Olympics Games after winning gold in Tokyo. Continuing with RTHK's "Road to Olympics" series, Hailey Yip looks at how some of Hong Kong's home-grown athletes are preparing for the world's biggest international sporting event, to be held in Paris this summer:
Top officials post Father's Day messages  Listenfacebook
Top Hong Kong officials have celebrated Father's Day by sharing stories about them and their children. The CE thanked his family for supporting him, as Damon Pang reports:
Japanese AI app helps detect pain in cats  Listenfacebook
Pet owners may not always know if their animals are in pain. But an app in Japan has come to their rescue. Jacqueline Guico reports: