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Government urged to issue “land bonds”  Listenfacebook
University of Hong Kong researchers have proposed that the government issue so-called “land bonds" to private land owners in the New Territories to acquire their plots, many of which are scattered, small, inaccessible and under-utilised. They said that would enable authorities to take control of these sites and re-zone them for large-scale development projects. Under the proposal, the bonds will be freely transferable on the market, and entitle their holders to redeem other sites that the government makes available in future. The university's Centre for Property Rights Research said the plan would address the city's land-supply needs in the short to medium term. Another proposal by the researchers calls for a "land readjustment" mechanism which involves private land owners voluntarily giving away their land to the government in return for development rights in a site with higher potential. Priscilla Ng asked the Chair Professor for Real Estate and Construction Chau Kwong-wing how the "land readjustment" plan is different from the existing land-swap arrangement.
Hong Kong should try to become self-sufficient in water supply: NeoDemocrats  Listenfacebook
The NeoDemocrats say a visit to Singapore has convinced them that Hong Kong should start taking steps to become self-sufficient when it comes to water. They noted that the city-state has three desalination facilities and five plants that turn sewage into water that can be drunk. Roy Tam, a district councillor for the party in Tsuen Wan, said Hong Kong should start reducing its reliance on supplies from Dongjiang river across the border. He said that in the near future, the territory could start using diluted sewage for flushing toilets and it should cut down the 15-percent leakage rate from pipes. Annemarie Evans asked Professor Joseph Kwan, the vice chairman of the government's water supplies advisory committee, if Hong Kong was was relying too much on water from the Dongjiang river.
Hun Sen on track to win election  Listenfacebook
The party of the Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen says it is on track to win all 125 seats in parliament after Sunday’s election. A spokesman for the ruling CPP said the forecast was based on initial results. The main opposition party CNRP did not take part after it was disbanded by Cambodia's Supreme Court last year. Annemarie Evans spoke to RTHK’s correspondent in Phnom Penh Luke Hunt and asked him if the result came as a surprise.