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Anti-smoking body backs vape ban  Listenfacebook
The Council on Smoking and Health has welcomed government plans to ban people from importing, selling, making, or advertising e-cigarettes. People bringing vapes into Hong Kong could soon face fines of up to HK$50,000 or six months in prison –even if they're for personal use. But under proposed new legislation, it won't be illegal to actually use e-cigarettes. While critics say they're concerned that the ban will just lead to a burgeoning black market for vapes, the council's chairman Antonio Kwong told Annemarie Evans that such worries are no excuse for inaction:
Poor work conditions taking a toll on foreign maids’ health: study  Listenfacebook
Researchers from Chinese University have found that foreign domestic workers are less healthy than the local adult population as a whole – and it's probably because of their poor working conditions. They surveyed just over two-thousand workers in 2017, and found that seven out of 10 worked for more than 13 hours a day, more than a third had to work on days off, and some reported being physically abused by employers. Professor Roger Chung gave Jim Gould more details about the study:
Thai election commission moves to dissolve party linked to princess  Listenfacebook
Thailand's election commission has asked the constitutional court to dissolve a political party that put forward a princess as its candidate for prime minister. If approved, the move could help the current military government stay in power. Princess Ubolrat withdrew as a candidate for the Thai Raksa Chart party after the king – her younger brother – objected. Annemarie Evans asked our Southeast Asia correspondent Larry Jagan for his reaction to the news: