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People's lifestyle and mindset needs to change to tackle pollution  Listenfacebook
A green group says that it was shocked to learn that pollution was linked to nine million premature deaths worldwide in 2015. The founder and executive director of The Green Earth, Edwin Lau, says there were nearly two-thousand such deaths in Hong Kong alone last year. He says the city being right next to the mainland wasn’t making things any better either, although Beijing has launched initiatives to deal with pollution. Lau tells Jim Gould that it is also important that Hong Kong people change their lifestyle and mindset to deal with the problem.
Government urged to stop wasting time debating if transgender people need protection  Listenfacebook
Rights advocates are urging the Hong Kong government not to waste time debating whether legislation is needed to protect transgender people, saying the city is already lagging far behind other places on the issue. A government working group is now collecting public views on gender recognition. But at a conference in the city, activists said the authorities should not take a neutral position on the matter. Cianan Russell from the Asia Pacific Transgender Network, who was also at the conference earlier, spoke to Annemarie Evans.
Malaysia strikes fee deal over missing MH370 flight  Listenfacebook
Malaysia has struck a "no find-no fee" deal with a US company to locate the wreckage of downed flight MH370. Australian Transport Minister Darren Chester says the Malaysian government accepted an offer from the Texas-based company Ocean Infinity. The firm will pay the bill if it fails to find the wreckage. The disappearance of MH370 remains shrouded in mystery. The Malaysia Airlines flight fell off radar on March 8, 2014 between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing, with 239 people on board. A massive maritime search operation for the plane was suspended in January. Florence De Changy, Le Monde’s correspondent in Hong Kong, has written a book about the disappearance of MH370. She spoke to Annemarie Evans.
Non-stop swim around Hong Kong island  Listenfacebook
The swimmer, Simon Holliday, aims to make history next month by becoming the first man to swim around Hong Kong island non-stop. It's estimated that the 45-kilometre route will take 15 to 18 hours to complete. The goal is to raise money to provide free swimming lessons for disadvantaged local children and domestic helpers. Holliday, who'd a British expatriate, told Jim Gould about his plan.