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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Mike Weeks and Ian Pooler


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People suffering more from poor air than official data suggests   Listenfacebook
Researchers from City University and Civic Exchange say the impact of Hong Kong's air pollution on people is probably much worse than government data suggests. Readings obtained from mobile sensors, tracking individuals as they moved between home and work, and during the weekend over two years, showed their exposure was sometimes much higher than data from nearby fixed government monitoring stations. Richard Pyne has the details:
Indoor air could be worse than outdoors: study   Listenfacebook
A co-author of the of the City University-Civic Exchange exposure report said air pollution was just as bad, or even worse, indoors than outdoors. He told Mike Weeks that the quality of indoor air really depends on the ventilation system in the building and whether filters of air conditioners are cleaned frequently:
Banks praised for bid to join gay visa fight   Listenfacebook
A member of the Chinese University's Gender Studies Programme has described the attempt by 12 global banks to get involved in a key gay rights case here as a very positive development. Professor Suen Yiu-tung was speaking to RTHK after the Court of Appeal told the banks, including Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse, that their input was not wanted for next week's hearing. It involves a British lesbian, who's appealing against the government's refusal to give her a dependent visa. The banks warned that Hong Kong's policy on such visas could hamper their ability to attract top talent to work here. But the court said it would be able to take the perspective of employers into account without their input. Professor Suen spoke to Annemarie Evans about the case:
May’s snap UK election call backfires spectacularly   Listenfacebook
The Labour Party seized an early lead on Friday morning as results started to come in from the British election. But much more worrying for Prime Minister Theresa May, a BBC exit poll indicates the snap poll may have seriously backfired. UK correspondent Peter Anderson spoke to Mike Weeks two and half hours voting ended:
CY Leung impeachment bid killed   Listenfacebook
Pro-government lawmakers have voted against starting impeachment proceedings against the chief executive. Pro-democracy legislators wanted to remove CY Leung from office for trying to secretly intervene in a Legislative Council investigation of the HK$50 million payment he received from UGL but never declared. Damon Pang has the story:
Cooking course helps dementia patients   Listenfacebook
A specially-designed cooking course has helped 20 elderly people with mild cognitive impairment improve their deteriorating memory and thinking skills. SKH Welfare Council and Towngas co-organised the programme, tailoring recipes to help participants to handle complicated cooking steps. Occupational therapist Charis Wong told Wendy Wong what is so special about the course: