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Hong Kong Today
Hong Kong Today
RTHK's morning news programme. Weekdays 6:30 - 8:00
Mike Weeks and Richard Pyne


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Benny Tai accused of jeopardising national sovereignty   Listenfacebook
The State Council's Taiwan Affairs Office has warned that Hong Kong University law professor Benny Tai is trying to unite pro-independence forces in Hong Kong and Taiwan, jeopardising national sovereignty and territorial integrity. But its spokesman, Ma Xiaoguang, said such attempts will fail because they're not supported by the people. His comments on Wednesday came shortly after the Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, rejected accusations that she unfairly singled out the legal scholar for condemnation over recent hypothetical remarks he made in Taiwan on Hong Kong independence. Maggie Ho has the details:
Bid to unseat Cheng Chung-tai over flag stunt  Listenfacebook
A pro-democracy lawmaker has accused a pro-establishment-stacked Legislative Council committee of reaching a rash conclusion over a protest by Civic Passion lawmaker Cheng Chung-tai two years ago. The investigative committee ruled on Wednesday that he breached his oath of office by turning upside down the small national and SAR flags at lawmakers' tables. He now faces a censure motion that could see him removed from office. Kenneth Leung, who represents accountants in Legco, told Priscilla Ng he would personally find it hard to support the motion against Cheng:
Press freedom perceptions hit all-time low   Listenfacebook
The Hong Kong Journalists Association has warned that pressure from Beijing has become a leading factor in undermining the SAR's free press. Its annual media freedom index has fallen 0.9 points to 47.1 out of 100 – the lowest level since the JA started carrying out is survey of public perceptions of press freedom five years ago. Journalists themselves were slightly more optimistic about the state of their industry. But Shirley Yam, the convenor of the JA's press freedom committee, told Timmy Sung that things are improving:
PBOC chief gives road map for financial sector reform.  Listenfacebook
A day after President Xi Jinping promised to increase access to the mainland for foreign investors, the head of China's central bank set out a road map for financial sector reform. And while many of the promises appear to repeat existing commitments, it does - for the first time - lay down a timetable, as Sean Kennedy reports:
Prosecution warning issued to ticket scalpers   Listenfacebook
Chief Executive Carrie Lam says the government will consider making ticket scalping a criminal offence for performances at government venues. The problem recently came under the spotlight following complaints from prominent performers such as Andy Lau and Dayo Wong about rampant scalping. Jimmy Choi reports:
Calls for government to improve HK streets   Listenfacebook
The government is being urged to update laws to make walking the streets of Hong Kong more enjoyable. Civic Exchange says rather than vibrant spaces for people to make use of, the city’s streets are noisy and overcrowded because of a patchwork of outdated policies, laws and regulations. The think tank cites as an example the narrow definition of hawking, which allows pedestrian thoroughfares to be blocked by people pedalling things like mobile phone contracts and cable TV. Carine Lai is the co-author of the street management study. Richard Pyne asked her if she believes Hong Kong streets should be managed by one department instead of the current nine: