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Bar Association calls meeting to discuss political crisis  Listenfacebook
The Bar Association is calling a meeting of local barristers by the end of the month to discuss the ongoing political crisis. The group itself has been dragged into controversy, with vice-chairman Edwin Choy resigning from the Bar Council this week after accusing the body of not doing enough to condemn the violent acts of protesters. A member of the Progressive Lawyers Group, barrister Wilson Leung, told Damon Pang extensive discussions are needed.
Taiwan urges HK govt to deny murder suspect parole  Listenfacebook
Taiwan is asking Hong Kong authorities to deny parole to a murder suspect set to be freed later this month, saying it wants to offer more evidence to local authorities to help them with the case. 20-year-old Chan Tong-kai admitted he killed his pregnant girlfriend in Taipei last year, but he fled to Hong Kong and was never tried for murder as the city has no rendition agreement with Taiwan. He was sent to prison in April after admitting to taking Poon Hiu-wing's money and valuables. The case prompted Chief Executive Carrie Lam to pursue the extradition bill that eventually plunged Hong Kong into a political crisis. Annemarie Evans asked Taipei-based journalist, Cindy Sui why the Taiwanese Ministry of Justice had left the request so late.
‘Pressure is on UK parliament to ratify new Brexit deal’  Listenfacebook
The UK and the EU have confirmed that a draft Brexit deal has been agreed. In a tweet, the British prime minister Boris Johnson said it was now up to the UK parliament to ratify the deal on Saturday. The president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker said he endorsed the deal. Earlier, there had been doubts about an agreement because of objections from a Northern Irish party, the DUP. Annemarie Evans asked RTHK's London correspondent Gavin Grey how big a problem the DUP still posed.