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Beijing is displaying a softer stance on CE candidate: expert  Listenfacebook
China expert Willy Lam says Beijing is displaying a softer approach by putting emphasis on the likeability factor of the candidate as the key aspect for the next Chief Executive aspirant. He was reacting to comments by a top mainland official Wang Guangya that the criteria for the next CE that he or she must love the country and Hong Kong, be trusted by Beijing and supported by Hong Kong people. Annemarie Evans asked Professor Lam of the history department at Chinese University what else he made of Wang's remarks:
Academic hopes for more measures to rein in home prices  Listenfacebook
The head of the business school at Chu Hai College, Professor Ho Lok-sang, says he hopes the government will take steps to encourage home owners to trade up their flats. He said that will help boost supply of starter homes in the market and bring down prices. He was speaking after the figures showed measure taken by the government in November to cool home prices appears to have had little immediate impact. Jim Gould asked Professor Ho what else the latest data conveyed:
Diaries recount life during Hong Kong’s darkest days   Listenfacebook
This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Japanese invasion of Hong Kong on December 8 1941, the territory's subsequent surrender 17 days later and the three years and eight months of occupation that followed. Local history researcher David Bellis runs a Hong Kong history site called where one can see more than 20 English language diaries from different people involved in the war including soldiers and civilians. Bellis spoke to Annemarie Evans about his project: