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Government should make effort to communicate with young people  Listenfacebook
An academic has urged the government to think of ways to communicate with young people. Anthony Fung, the Director of the School of Journalism at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, says a survey they carried out found that young people who get their news from social media tend to be dissatisfied with the administration. He tells Annemarie Evans that the government should try explaining its policies to young people through social media.
Setting up of tree management panel, a step in the right direction  Listenfacebook
A member of a new advisory panel on urban forestry set up by the government says it is too early to say whether the group would be successful in its work. But Ken So, from the Conservancy Association, says the setting up of the panel is a step in the right direction. The panel will take over the work of the now-defunct expert panel on tree management. The Development Secretary, Paul Chan, says forestry experts and industry representatives in the new panel can offer a holistic approach and new perspectives to managing urban forestry in Hong Kong. So speaks to Jim Gould.
US should review its policy towards North Korea: correspondent  Listenfacebook
RTHK's Seoul correspondent, Frank Smith, says the US should carry out a comprehensive review of its policy towards Pyongyang. His suggestion came after president-elect, Donald Trump, dismissed a claim by North Korean leader, Ki Jong-un, that his country is developing missiles capable of striking America. In a tweet, Trump derided the claim by Kim that preparations were in the final stage, saying: "it won't happen". Smith speaks to Annemarie Evans.