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Panel’s recommendations could allay worries about HKU’s autonomy  Listenfacebook
A member of the University of Hong Kong’s governing council says he expects recommendations by a review committee on how the school is run, to allay worries about its institutional autonomy. But Professor Timothy O' Leary, who's also the Head of Humanities at the university, says there will be some hurdles that would have to be overcome before the suggestions could be implemented. He speaks to Annemarie Evans.
More land should be provided for commercial development  Listenfacebook
The head of valuation at Jones Lang LaSalle real estate services company, C.K. Lau, says the government should provide more land for commercial development. He says there is a strong demand for office space and the administration should try to satisfy it. The Financial Secretary Paul Chan has said that the government will sell 28 residential sites in the coming fiscal year. But Lau tells Ben Tse that he believes only some people would be able to afford the flats that will be built there.
Seven Earth-sized planets discovered  Listenfacebook
Seven planets, the size of Earth, have been discovered orbiting a star which is - in space terms - close to our own Solar System. Little more is known about them except that they are rocky and could sustain water. The findings were unveiled by NASA. The editor of Space Flight magazine in Britain, David Baker, speaks to Annemarie Evans about the discovery.