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Candidates should adhere to spirit of open and free election  Listenfacebook
The convenor of the Path of Democracy think tank, Ronny Tong, says he respects the decision by one of the Chief Executive candidates, John Tsang, not to attend a debate on Sunday that was organised by his group. But he says taking part in it would have enabled Hong Kong people to better understand his election platform. Tong tells Annemarie Evans that the spirit of open and free election is that a candidate should reach out to everyone.
Report has taken too long: lawmaker  Listenfacebook
The government has published a preliminary report about a large metal object found near the Wan Chai coastline -- which historians say could be the wreck of HMS Tamar. The report says the location of the wreck and the numerous copper alloy objects found nearby do point towards it being the Royal Navy ship. But a definitive identification can't be made at this stage without the ship's bell, nameplate or other unique signifier. The object was uncovered in 2014. Civic Party lawmaker Tanya Chan tells Ben Tse that she is very concerned that it has taken such a long time for the preliminary report to be released.
Nancy Pelosi calls on Jeff Sessions to resign  Listenfacebook
The senior Democrat in the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, has called on the Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign, after it emerged that he had two undisclosed encounters with the Russian ambassador during Donald Trump's election campaign. As Attorney General, Sessions oversees the Federal Bureau of Investigation which is currently investigating alleged Russian interference in the election. In a statement, Sessions denied meeting with any Russian officials to discuss issues of the campaign. RTHK's Moscow correspondent Fred Weir tells Annemarie Evans that a bureaucratic war has erupted in Washington.