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‘Culture and traditional beliefs’ behind reluctance to donate organs  Listenfacebook
The Under Secretary for Health, Sophia Chan, says local culture and traditional beliefs are part of the reason why Hong Kong doesn't have as many organ donors as Western countries. But she said young people are more open to signing up as organ donors. She said the government was trying to make it easier to sign up as an organ donor. Her comments came after an appeal for a liver donor for a woman suffering from acute liver failure was answered by a volunteer. The case made headlines after the woman's daughter was rejected as a donor because she wasn't yet 18 years old. Professor Chan spoke to Priscilla Ng.
Expert questions oversight of Tung Chung reclamation  Listenfacebook
Engineer Albert Lai, a policy convenor the Professional Commons, has expressed concern about the government’s method for reclaiming some 130 hectares of land in East Tung Chung. He said experience had shown the government doesn’t seem able to closely monitor and supervise non-dredging methods of reclamation. He spoke to Ben Tse about the government’s reclamation plans, and a proposed land-swap in Hung Shui Kiu.
North Korea may be planning more than residential complex unveiling  Listenfacebook
North Korea has unveiled a new high-rise residential complex in Pyongyang, on the 105th anniversary of the birth of its founder, Kim Il-sung. Foreign media had earlier been told to prepare for a “big and important event”. That fuelled speculation that the country was preparing a missile launch or nuclear test, as tensions in the region rise with a US carrier strike group heading towards the peninsula. But RTHK’s South Korea correspondent Frank Smith told Priscilla Ng that Pyongyang has launched missiles at similar times in previous years.