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Union may consider asking for higher pay hike  Listenfacebook
More than 170,000 civil servants may see the smallest pay-rise this year since 2010. The government-appointed Pay Trend Survey Committee has proposed increases ranging from 1.38 percent to 2.44 percent, after taking into account salary movements of more than 100 private companies. Li Kwai-yin is the vice-president of the Chinese Civil Servants Association who also sits on the committee. She tells Ben Tse that they will have to consider a basket of factors before deciding whether to bargain for a higher pay hike percentage.
Local companies should be given guidance on LGBT rights  Listenfacebook
The government's isn't exactly practicing what it preaches when it comes to LGBT rights, according to a local group. The non-profit organisation "Community Business" says the administration has to do more to promote inclusiveness in the workplace. It says while the government introduced a code of practice in 2014 banning discrimination based on sexual orientation, it hasn't been able to live up to it. The group also says local firms aren't doing a good job either, compared with multinational corporations. A spokesman for the Pink Alliance, Reggie Ho, tells Annemarie Evans that local companies should be given more guidance on LGBT rights.
Special counsel to probe last year’s US presidential election  Listenfacebook
The US Justice Department has announced the appointment of a special counsel to lead the investigation into alleged Russian interference in last year's presidential election. He's a former FBI chief, Robert Mueller. The announcement follows the sacking by President Donald Trump last week of the man previously leading the FBI inquiry, the bureau's director James Comey. Glenn Shive is the Executive Director of the Hong Kong America Center. He tells Annemarie Evans that Trump's Republican Party has backed off from defending him.