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Officials’ comments ‘betray lack of understanding’ of HK people  Listenfacebook
Political commentator Joseph Cheng says mainland authorities have consistently blamed problems among Hong Kong’s young people with a lack of proper patriotic, civic education. He was responding to comments from a former deputy director of the Xinhua News Agency, who said young people who were educated during “colonial times” had “gone down the wrong path”. Speaking on the same day, other prominent mainland officials also spoke about mainland-Hong Kong relations. Cheng told Annemarie Evans that these comments betrayed a lack of understanding of Hong Kong people among mainland officials.
Stock exchange going in ‘completely the wrong direction’  Listenfacebook
Shareholder activist David Webb says the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, which has proposed setting up a new board to open ways for more mainland tech companies to list in the city, is going in completely the wrong direction. He said Hong Kong should have a single board, rather than confusing the market with more boards. He told Jim Gould that a simpler structure should also have better disclosure and governance requirements.
Russian claims on IS strikes ‘dubious’  Listenfacebook
A professor of peace studies at Bradford University in the UK, Paul Rogers, says Russian claims that their air strikes have killed the Islamic State leader are very dubious and could partly be Russian propaganda. He said the group is under very heavy pressure, and are proving very difficult to counter. And he told Annemarie Evans that the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi alone would not stop IS.