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Beijing would be concerned by actions of pro-independence groups  Listenfacebook
Executive Councillor Ronny Tong says Beijing would obviously be very concerned by the actions of the two pro-independence groups that gave out flyers and stickers at 12 schools to promote the idea of Hong Kong breaking away from China. Tong, who is also a Senior Counsel and the convenor of the think tank Path of Democracy, says it is unfortunate that young people are involved in a political campaign that is not in the interest of the territory. But he tells Annemarie Evans that it is difficult to say if their action constitutes a criminal offence.
Gay Games are aimed at promoting inclusion  Listenfacebook
The Equal Opportunities Commission says the Gay Games that will be held in Hong Kong in 2022 aim to promote inclusion for everyone irrespective of their sexual orientation. The Chief Executive Carrie Lam and her administration have given a lukewarm response to Hong Kong’s hosting of the games. Speaking before the Executive Council meeting, she said the government also has to take heed of the opinions of the rest of the community. Lam added that Hong Kong would continue to be a very inclusive society. Jim Gould asked the commission’s legal counsel Peter Reading what he made of her comments.
Doctors fighting to save life of North Korean defector  Listenfacebook
South Korean doctors are fighting to save the life of a North Korean soldier who was shot by his own side as he crossed the two countries' heavily fortified border. The soldier fell injured during his escape attempt, before South Korean and US soldiers crawled to rescue him. Meanwhile, the UN is investigating if North Korean soldiers violated the armistice deal with the South when they fired shots at the defector. Annemarie Evans asked RTHK’s Seoul correspondent Frank Smith if he had ever come across a similar incident in the past.