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Researchers throw down gauntlet at Heung Yee Kuk  Listenfacebook
A housing policy thinktank is challenging the powerful rural group, the Heung Yee Kuk, to make their case for the continuation of the controversial small house policy in court, rather than just talking tough. Heung Yee Kuk chairman Kenneth Lau on Thursday lashed out at what he called 'malicious’ people with ulterior motives, who he says have been making provocative attacks against indigenous villagers. He said many people are worried about an upcoming legal challenge of the small house policy – which allows all male villagers to build a three-storey house in their village. But Brian Wong of the Liber Research Community says Lau's contention that this is a constitutional right is simply not true. He spoke to Annemarie Evans:
Government assessment tests lead to more homework: survey  Listenfacebook
Most primary school teachers agree that their students have too much homework – but they say they have no choice because that's what the curriculum demands. A survey of more than 400 teachers by the Professional Teachers' Union released on Thursday found that students are assigned at least seven homework items per day, rising to ten or more on weekends. And more than sixty percent say they have to give students even more homework on top of all that, to prepare them for a recently-revised government assessment test known as the BCA. Union president Fung Wai-wah spoke to Ben Tse:
‘Hateful’ Trump politics setting dangerous example: Amnesty  Listenfacebook
Amnesty International has accused US President Donald Trump of employing what it calls the politics of hate. In its annual report, Amnesty says Trump and other world leaders have undermined the rights of millions of people. The report describes the president's travel ban as a transparently hateful move targeting Muslims. The East Asia Research Director for Amnesty International, Roseanne Rife, spoke to Annemarie Evans: