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Additional rules not needed to deal with unruly lawmakers: legislator  Listenfacebook
Pro-democracy lawmaker Kenneth Leung says there is no need for Legco to introduce additional rules to deal with unruly legislators. The chairman of the council’s Committee on Rules of Procedure Paul Tse has said lawmakers will be consulted whether the council should adopt practices seen in foreign legislatures. Leung, who is the vice-chairman of the committee and represents the accountancy sector, said Legco was not a fully democratically elected entity and should not be compared with foreign legislatures. He said if additional rules are introduced, they would stifle lawmakers’ freedom of speech:
Tighter rules proposed for private tertiary institutions  Listenfacebook
A task force appointed by the government has proposed tightening regulations on private tertiary institutions in a bid to improve the quality of the programmes they offer. One of its proposals is that the authorities should revoke the licenses of the operators of such institutions if they fail to deliver after a reasonably long trial period. The recommendations came after a sharp rise in the number of privately-run tertiary programmes in the past two decades. Annemarie Evans asked Peter Yuen, the chairman of the Federation for Self-financing Tertiary Education, if he thinks there were any major problems with the way private institutions run degree programmes at present:
Turkey could move towards a dictatorship: academic  Listenfacebook
An academic says there is a risk that Turkey could move towards a dictatorship following the re-election of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. In a victory speech in Ankara, Erdogan said he would act more decisively against what he called terrorists. He will also assume sweeping new powers that would abolish the post of prime minister and weaken the parliament. Paul Rogers who is a Professor of Peace Studies at Bradford University in United Kingdom said Erdogan called a snap election because he feared his support was waning. He said the election has shown that Turkey was a bitterly divided nation, and that Erdogan’s victory has left his opponents even more frustrated: