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No radical action planned now: Billy Fung

2015-12-31 HKT 12:23
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  • No radical action planned now: Billy Fung
Joseph Chan talks to Janice Wong.
The president of the Hong Kong University Students' Union, Billy Fung, and prominent academic, Joseph Chan, have ruled out immediate radical protests against the appointment of former education secretary Arthur Li as the chairman of the institution's governing body. But both said they were disappointed with the appointment.

Professor Chan, who was elected as a member of the governing body last month, said he does not understand the rationale behind the decision [by the Chief Executive CY Leung] to appoint Li. He said some are bound to be upset with the decision, but added he does not foresee any radical protests.

Chan went on to say that Li’s most pressing task is to restore public confidence in the university.

On whether he expects more conflicts between stakeholders of the university in the future, Chan said it all depends on Li.

"I hope he can talk to stakeholders, especially students and staff, so that he can understand our values and traditions better, and to develop a working relationship with other people", Chan said.

"I hope that the chairman will do his best to soften his voice, his stance, and to make peace with the critics".

Fung said he is angry as Leung has once again ignored public opinion. But he said no action has been planned against the appointment, adding the boycott of classes is unlikely.

Fung went on to say he has no expectations from Li, but foresees more conflicts arising among major stakeholders of the school.

"It is not a healthy phenomenon to the university", he said.