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Arrest National Party, Demosisto members: Alan Hoo

2016-04-12 HKT 16:54
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  • Arrest National Party, Demosisto members: Alan Hoo
Alan Hoo
A member of the mainland’s top advisory body, Alan Hoo, on Tuesday called on the Hong Kong government to immediately arrest members of newly-formed political parties, Demosisto and Hong Kong National Party, over their stance on the territory's independence.

Hoo, who is a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and an expert in criminal law in the territory, said there is a prima facie case of committing treason and sedition against those who are advocating Hong Kong's independence or including it as an option in a proposed referendum.

While the Hong Kong National Party advocates independence for the city, Demosisto – a party formed last week by a group of student activists – is calling for a referendum to determine the territory’s future. They want independence to be included as an option in the poll.

Hoo said he thinks by forming political parties despite being refused to be registered as companies, they have already exceeded free speech and the government should probe the source of their fundings and if foreign forces are involved. Hong Kong has no legislation for political parties. Most parties and political groups are registered either as limited companies or societies.

Hoo, who is also the chairman of the Basic Law Institute and a Senior Counsel, said there is crisis facing Hong Kong as Beijing can easily adopt national laws on sovereignty here through Annex Three of the Basic Law.

He said he is drafting an urgent resolution asking Beijing not to do that before the end of next year. That way, he said, the Hong Kong government can start its own work on enacting anti-subversion legislation under Article 23 of the Basic Law.

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