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HK ranks with Iran, N Korea in slavery fight: poll

2016-05-31 HKT 14:44
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Tina Chan speaks to RTHK's Richard Pyne
Hong Kong's response to modern slavery has been ranked alongside that of Iran and North Korea in a global survey.

The Walk Free Foundation, which publishes the index, says there are 29,500 people enslaved here and little has been done about the problem.

Modern slavery refers to the exploitation of situations where a person cannot refuse or leave because of threats, violence, coercion, abuse of power or deception.

But Tina Chan, a project manager at counter-trafficking organisation Stop, said the number cited in the survey's findings is way too low and the number here is much more.

She also rejected government’s claim that frontline officers are provided training to recognise trafficking victims.

“When we interact with the police, when we talk about the words human trafficking, they look at us like we are crazy. They apparently don’t even understand what the word means,” she said.