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Taxi alliance threaten Central blockade over Uber

2018-03-13 HKT 12:43
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  • Taxi alliance threaten Central blockade over Uber
Francis Li
An alliance of taxi-drivers campaigning to kick the ride-hailing service Uber out of Hong Kong are threatening to paralyse Central with ‘thousands’ of cabs if the government doesn’t meet them over their grievances and give them a ‘proper’ response.

They’re first planning a smaller-scale slow-drive protest around the Government’s Tamar headquarters on Thursday, in which they say around a hundred drivers have already agreed to take part.

“This protest is want to show our abilities and let government to know we are really angry now”, alliance convenor Francis Li said. He further warned if the government fails to listen to their grievances, “then we will put our crowd at Central until the government gives me the proper answer.”

Li suggested that thousands of taxis could be mobilised to block the streets of Central.

He said transport authorities have been turning a “blind eye” to Uber’s illegal services, describing the situation as being “out of control.” He said members want the government to shut Uber down immediately, and kick them “back to America.”

The alliance said the Uber is hurting their business, and also railed against government plans to introduce a new line of ‘premium’ taxis – saying this would essentially downgrade them into ‘low quality cabs’ – hurting drivers' dignity.

Taxi drivers will tie a black ribbon on their cars to express their anger.