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Liu Xia was never under house arrest: Global Times

2018-07-11 HKT 12:05
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The state-backed tabloid Global Times said on Wednesday that Liu Xia was never under house arrest, but only kept “within sight of Chinese authorities”.

The article also told Western media to leave the widow of the Nobbel laureate Liu Xiaobo alone and “stop taking advantage of her”.

The author of the article said that Liu Xia doesn’t appear to have any interest in being a dissident herself, the West should stop taking advantage of her.

The report said that Liu Xia had been living in a normal community in Beijing, and could freely see her friends and family, go shopping, exercise, and contact the outside world. It added that mainland authorities had “never said no” to her going abroad.

China has “relatively tighter social governance” to effectively manage dissidents, so they won’t exert what it calls “too much negative influence” on society, the report said.

The article said China just doesn’t want dissidents to “hamper national development” and it never means to persecute them. But it said there has been too much interference by Western forces in this respect, and suggested they are just using dissidents as a geopolitical card.