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CY had to take on independence fight: Carrie Lam

2018-10-12 HKT 11:51
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  • CY had to take on independence fight: Carrie Lam
Chief Executive Carrie Lam has rejected a claim that Hong Kong's independence row was whipped up solely by her predecessor CY Leung, adding that he was duty bound to respond to the issue.

A caller to an RTHK programme attended by Lam said on Friday that in the decades he had lived in Hong Kong, nobody had ever advocated the city breaking away from the mainland until the former Chief Executive started raising the issue shortly after the end of the 2014 Occupy protests.

Lam prefaced her response to the caller by saying it was not a good idea to compare and contrast past and present leaders, noting "every Chief Executive has his or her character and way of doing things."

She went on to explain how Leung was not the first person to raise the notion of Hong Kong independence, even though she noted that the calls did surface during his tenure.

"Soon after reunification, we did not have this sort of talk about independence or separation. I still remember that in the lead up to the Beijing Olympics, Hong Kong people were so excited about the Games, about the achievements of our national athletes," Lam said.

"But unfortunately, things have changed," she added.

"Who has aroused that sort of thing? You have to go back to history. If I remember, the former Chief Executive's first reference to this subject was in relation to something that appeared in a university, a journal or a magazine in the university. So to be fair to him, it was not him who was the first one to mention this subject when the society had nobody caring about this thing."

Lam then suggested it would have been remiss of Leung not to react strongly to the advocacy of independence.

"We have to accept that what we have seen in the past years or so is this, not only talk, it is really just trying to invoke or provoke this idea, and under 'One Country, Two Systems' everybody, myself included, being my constitutional duty, would have do to something about it."