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DAB rally outside US Consulate, blast envoy

2019-03-06 HKT 18:45
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  • DAB rally outside US Consulate, blast envoy
Around a dozen DAB supporters protested outside the US Consulate on Wednesday, condemning Consul General Kurt Tong over his recent comments, raising concerns about Hong Kong's future as a top business destination.

Tong in a speech last week had warned that rising interference by Beijing will affect Hong Kong's status and cited the banning of the Hong Kong National Party, the expulsion of the Asian editor of the Financial Times, and the disqualification of election hopefuls as examples.

But the DAB rejected Tong's words, saying they were irresponsible and not based on facts.

"Since reunification, under the One Country, Two Systems principle, Hong Kong residents have enjoyed unprecedented legal rights and freedom and the prosperity and vitality of the city has been preserved," the party said.

Eastern district councillor Elaine Chik said Tong had disregarded the facts.

"It is our constitutional obligation to protect our national security, the safety of Hong Kong and China. So I think it is plain smearing," she said.

Chik said whether Tong will accept their call to apologise is beyond their control, but she said his words are sending a wrong a message to the public. "So we really want to express the severity of this speech," the councillor said.

They also presented a letter to the consulate, calling on Tong not to interfere in "China's internal affairs".