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Govt cuts fees for transitional home operators

2019-04-18 HKT 18:23
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  • Govt cuts fees for transitional home operators
The government has approved more measures to help social enterprises which are providing transitional housing, including exempting them from some payments they have to make to get a site or building from the Lands Department.

Groups which aim to provide these temporary homes for those awaiting public housing flats now don't have to pay fees to the department when applying for a​ temporary permit to use a government site or building.

They will also be exempt from paying fees for short term tenancies, rents and other associated costs.

Democratic Party lawmaker Andrew Wan welcomed the new measures, saying this would encourage the development of more transitional housing. But he said the government should get more involved, instead of only helping NGOs in doing the task.

The DAB also welcomed the measures, saying these steps will cut the red tape for applicants. But lawmaker Vincent Cheng said there is still a lot that the government has to do to boost the supply of transitional housing.

He said the government can help NGOs by providing technical information and help determining whether plots are good for housing people.