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Singers concerned about noise pollution proposal

2019-04-25 HKT 22:54
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  • Singers concerned about noise pollution proposal
A government proposal to make it easier to prosecute noise polluters in public parks has led to concern among amateur performers.

Currently, officials can't prosecute people for making too much noise in a park, unless there’s a witness from the area.

But the legal amendment would enable people like a department official, or a nearby resident, to serve as a witness.

This would make it easier for officials to take enforcement action.

The penalty for offenders would stay the same, with a maximum fine of HK$2,000 or a two-week jail term.

A woman, who sings regularly in Tuen Mun Park, says she’s worried that she’ll no longer be able to perform there should the proposal become law.

“If they’re really going to fine us HK$2,000, or even put us into jail, then I think the penalty is too tough. I’d be scared,” she said.

She said a lot of elderly men come to the park every day to relax and hear her sing, and they'd be disappointed if she was forced to go.

Another amateur singer, Ms Chan, says elderly people like her can’t afford to go to expensive places, so she sings in the park for her own entertainment.

She said she couldn’t see why the government has to bar old people from enjoying themselves.

But Ms Leung, who lives near the park, says the noise is so loud that it is affecting her daily life.

She said she welcomed the government’s plan and thought that it would help reduce noise pollution.