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Carrie Lam more evil than CY, says Jimmy Lai

2019-05-20 HKT 16:16
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  • Carrie Lam more evil than CY, says Jimmy Lai
Unleashing a scathing attack on the government, media tycoon Jimmy Lai on Monday described Chief Executive Carrie Lam as being more evil than her predecessor CY Leung, and warned that Hong Kong will be "finished" if extradition law changes go through.

Giving a speech at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club, Lai said Leung – who had become the nemesis of pro-democracy group during the 2014 Occupy protests – “is an angel" compared to his successor.

“I never thought Lam could be so evil. Sorry, but that’s the only description I can think of her,” said the tycoon, who had openly backed the Occupy protesters.

He also warned that Hong Kong would be “finished” if planned changes to fugitives laws are passed, saying “everything”, including the rule of law, free press and businesses, in the SAR would be damaged.

Lai, who founded the mass circulation Apple Daily newspaper, called on people who care about the city, be they local residents or overseas businessmen in the territory, to voice their opposition to the plans.

“This is the last battle. This is the battle against the massacre of our freedom,” said Lai.

Asked if business tycoons in Hong Kong are scared of the changes proposed by the government, he said: "I am sure they are scared s***less."

“We have to come out. Anybody who doesn’t want to come out, who wants to stand by and look at it as somebody else’s business, and become the accomplice of Carrie Lam and the Chinese, they will regret it.” he said.

"Maybe we will never win. Maybe we will just sink with the ship. But we must fight while sinking," Lai said.