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Carrie Lam's credibility is in tatters: Anson Chan

2019-05-22 HKT 10:01
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Anson Chan
Former Chief Secretary Anson Chan said on Wednesday that the entire credibility of Chief Executive Carrie Lam is in tatters, accusing her of riding roughshod over people's concerns about controversial changes to extradition laws.

The changes would allow for suspects to be sent to places that have no extradition deal with Hong Kong.

Chan said Lam is wrong if she believes that if her administration steps back on this issue, it would become impossible to govern in future.

"I think she is very much mistaken if she feels riding roughshod over people's concerns and forcing this bill through the Legislative Council, the remaining years of her term will be easy," Chan said. "It will not."

"Her credibility in the eyes of Hong Kong people, particularly in helping to stand up and defend One Country, Two Systems, is in tatters," Chan added.

The former top official also said that Beijing and the SAR governments should drop the pretence that the One Country, Two Systems principle is alive and well in Hong Kong.

She urged people to take to the streets for a planned rally next month against the proposals.