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'Extradition bill gaining support among public'

2019-05-22 HKT 12:04
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  • 'Extradition bill gaining support among public'
Kennedy Wong talks to RTHK's Janice Wong
A new concern group set up to support the government’s extradition law amendments says its campaign is fast gaining momentum because people are developing a better understanding of the changes.

The convenor of the group Safeguard HK, Kennedy Wong, said it had so far collected more than 400,000 signatures from the public in an online petition to support the law changes.

“Last time I mentioned the update figure was last Saturday, we had just surpassed 300,000 at that point,” he told RTHK’s Janice Wong.

“I think this past weekend, a lot of people understand this piece of legislation more and more. I think that’s why we have had more than 100,000 new sign-ups to support our campaign,” he said.

“Overall, we would like our society to be safe. We don’t want our neighbour to be a fugitive and, you know, a certain wanted person from another jurisdiction,” he said. “So I think I would say that would be most people’s aspiration.”

Kennedy Wong, who is also a local NPC delegate, said he believes it is “legitimate and rightful” for the central government to support the amendments.