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Legco lockdown ends, but some protesters stay on

2019-06-18 HKT 09:16
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  • Legco lockdown ends, but some protesters stay on
The security clampdown around Legislative Council ends even as a handful of protesters remain outside the complex in Admiralty.

The Legco secretariat announced the lifting of the amber alert, allowing all guided tours of the Legco complex and services to the public to return to normal.

The alert had been imposed since last Wednesday when fierce clashes erupted between police and anti-extradition protesters in Admiralty.

The Central Government Office also reopened on Tuesday and roads in the vicinity were generally accessible.

On Monday, hundreds of people gathered there saying they wouldn't leave until the Chief Executive Carrie Lam had stepped down and withdrawn her contentious extradition bill, which has drawn millions of protesters onto the streets. They're unhappy that the bill allows for suspects to be sent to the mainland.

Some of the protesters remain outside the Legco complex with some sleeping there overnight. Some of them say they will not leave until the government completely withdraws the bill.

The Chief Executive had announced that the government will suspend the bill, but some critics were not satisfied with this.

Meanwhile, political commentator Joseph Cheng says "serious mistakes" have been made because of arrogance in the pro-establishment camp. Speaking on RTHK's "Backchat" programme, he said this is because the pan-democrats' ability to provide checks and balances in Legco has been much reduced in recent years.

"So the pro-establishment camp believes 'we can pass any bill, we can pass any bill according to our timetable,'" he said.

Cheng said, even now, there was no straight forward response on withdrawing the bill.

Last updated: 2019-06-18 HKT 14:54