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'Arrogant' CE wasting everyone's time: activists

2019-06-18 HKT 18:11
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  • 'Arrogant' CE wasting everyone's time: activists
The organisers of the massive extradition bill demonstrations which paralysed much of Hong Kong Island for two Sundays in a row say the public do not accept an apology over the controversy by Chief Executive Carrie Lam and discussions will take place on further protest action.

The Civil Human Rights Front said an "arrogant" Lam had wasted everyone's time by calling a media briefing on the extradition crisis on Tuesday afternoon, only to ignore all the demands of protesters opposed to the now suspended legislation.

The group's Bonnie Leung said the people of Hong Kong are still very angry that Lam refuses to withdraw the extradition bill completely, that she won't step down over the political turmoil she has created, and that she won't hold the police to account for their response to clashes on Wednesday.

Dozens of people, including media workers, were injured when officers repeatedly fired rubber bullets and tear gas at protesters in Admiralty.

Leung said the front will hold talks with various groups involved in the recent protests, including student unions, and she urged the public to bear with them while the next course of action is decided.

The group said two million people joined a march last Sunday to oppose the law changes which would allow the CE, for the first time, to sanction the extradition of crime suspects to the mainland. Around a million people were estimated to have joined a protest march over the bill the Sunday before.