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Ban face masks during rallies: pro-police group

2019-06-18 HKT 18:18
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  • Ban face masks during rallies: pro-police group
A group called Protect Hong Kong, has demanded that police ban the use of face masks by protesters, saying this will deter young protesters from committing violent acts during protest rallies.

About a dozen members of the group held a demonstration outside the Wan Chai Police Headquarters to show support for officers.

They said protesters have no need to wear masks unless they are sick. And if they're sick, they should not take part in the events in the first place, they said.

A spokesman for the group, who gave his surname as Pso, said he believes a ban on face masks will make young protesters understand that they will be identified when committing illegal actions and bear consequences. This will prevent the number of targeted attacks against police officers, he said.

The group said it was worried about the safety of police officers on June 12, and said officers responded correctly under the threat of serious bodily harm.

The protesters handed out energy drinks to officers as a token of gratitude.

The spokesman said while people should be allowed to express their opinions, violence is not an appropriate way to achieve one’s goals. But he acknowledged most protesters who took part in the rally on June 12 were peaceful.

When asked about the extradition bill, the spokesman said he believed the public has understood the good intentions of the Chief Executive, and hopes they will understand that it is not an “evil law”.

The group also accused the pro-democracy camp of misleading the public.