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Nine arrested for 'doxxing' police officers

2019-07-03 HKT 17:38
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  • Nine arrested for 'doxxing' police officers
Police have arrested nine people over so-called "doxxing" attacks, in which people's personal information is posted online without their consent.

Superintendent Swalikh Mohammed said the full Chinese and English names, identity card numbers and addresses of some police officers and their family members have been posted online.

“The doxxing and the threats that the officers face include constant nuisance calls, someone sending messages threatening them, telling them they will die immediately," he said.

"Not just the officers themselves but their families have also received similar messages, people visiting the family members who are conducting their daily work, trying to threaten them,” Mohammed said.

Hundreds of complaints were made to the Privacy Commissioner after the details of police officers were posted online last month.

Anti-extradition campaigners have focused on the police since tear gas and rubber bullets were fired at demonstrators during clashes outside Legco on June 12.

The protesters have twice surrounded police headquarters to press their demands, including a public inquiry into the force's action that day.

Some police groups have said that details of as many as 1,000 officers have been released online.

Last updated: 2019-07-04 HKT 11:11