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Thousands rally in support of young demonstrators

2019-07-05 HKT 21:19
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  • Thousands rally in support of young demonstrators
Sealing Cheng
Thousands of people have taken part in a rally to demand the Carrie Lam administration listen to the demands of young demonstrators who have been protesting against the now-shelved extradition bill.

The rally at Chater Garden in Central on Friday evening was organised by a group of local mothers, who said 8,000 people took part.

“As mothers, we do not wish to see the loss of yet another life, we choose to listen, we choose to understand. We have faith in our young people. Let us continue to walk with them,” one of the organisers, Sealing Cheng, said.

“To Carrie Lam and her government, please put aside your arrogance and have some respect for human life. Act now to address the demands of Hongkongers.”

Speakers at the rally said their children’s futures, and even the lives of young people, are at stake.

They accused Chief Executive Carrie Lam of being “indifferent” – but said she had rushed to condemn those who vandalised the Legislative Council building during unprecedented scenes on July 1.

“Yes, the Legco building has indeed been damaged by protesters, but who destroyed the legislature?” said Cheng.

“Which is more violent? The protesters’ damage of property on July 1, or the pro-Beijing government officials and politicians’ deliberate destruction of institutional protection of freedom and justice in Hong Kong over the last 20 years.”

Cheng said young protesters have exhausted all possible means of peaceful engagement, and were humiliated by the “arrogance” of those in power.

Last updated: 2019-07-05 HKT 22:20