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'Curb marches, events that lead to violence'

2019-07-15 HKT 15:07
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  • 'Curb marches, events that lead to violence'
Pro-government lawmakers on Monday said that a group of “organised” protesters is taking advantage of peaceful demonstrations to cause damage, while some legislators said the authorities should stop granting permission for such events if the organisers can't ensure peace.

The 39 pro-government lawmakers, in a joint statement, also condemned a series of "violent and illegal acts" in recent weeks linked to the anti-extradition bill protests.

In a separate briefing, DAB lawmaker Ann Chiang said she had written to police chief Stephen Lo, asking him to suspend the approval of marches and events that "may become a risk to public order".

She said she had issued this personal statement citing recent violent clashes and unrest after peaceful protests.

But her sentiment was echoed by colleagues in the biggest pro-Beijing party, publishing sector lawmaker Ma Fung-kwok, as well as DAB chairwoman Starry Lee.

"If organisers of the [peaceful] march cannot ensure the entire procession's order, can the government advise them to drop their plans?" Lee said.

Lee also said the public expected the government to resolve Hong Kong's deadlock.

She said the Chief Executive and the officials responsible should come out and respond to the people's demands.

"Of course, it is not easy for them. But for Hong Kong, both sides have to come out and establish communication channels. Otherwise I think Hong Kong as a whole will be the loser," she said.

DAB lawmaker Elizabeth Quat said she’d spoken to a policeman who lost part of his ring finger in the melee in Sha Tin on Sunday. She said he has had an operation and doctors told him it will take five days before they can determine whether his finger can be fully mended.